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No bone zone:Veggie Meals on Wheels

Published:Friday | September 4, 2015 | 4:07 PM
Ian Allen/Photographer Mamayashi enjoys her Nanny meal - a combination of three proteins and starch.
Ian Allen/Photographer The Nanny dish which includes their turn cornmeal, curried split peas among other delectable options.
Ian Allen/Photographer Veggie Meals on Wheels.
Ian Allen/Photographer Dr A.G. Hamilton-Taylor enjoys his vegetarian meal courtesy of Veggie Meals on Wheels.
Ian Allen/Photographer Natural juices by Veggie Meals on Wheels (from left) Tamarind, blackberry and mango tamarind. Ian Allen/Photographer Veggie Meals on Wheels.
Ian Allen/Photographer The rustic dining area of Veggie Meals on Wheels.
Ian Allen/Photographer Co-owner Alfred Brissett holds one of the customers' favourite - a veggie wrap.
Ian Allen/Photographer Tsehai Scott is about to dig in and enjoy her Nanny meal.

No bone zone: Veggie Meals on Wheels

Jody-Anne Lawrence

Lifestyle Reporter

Tucked away in Regal Plaza in Cross Roads, is a little rustic restaurant serving up some delicious healthy meals daily.

Veggie Meals on Wheels offers an array of vegetarian dishes at very reasonable prices. Alfred Brissett and his wife Keteis, are behind this healthy food spot that on our visit had quite a bit of foot traffic.

Alfred admits that it was not an easy start. With the tagline 'No Bone Zone', the restaurant began in 2010. The location was never stable so he thought, why not make it mobile. The container they have is literally on wheels, plus they offer delivery service in Kingston.

Why Vegetarian? Alfred and his wife are both Rastafarians and vegetarians, and it was not always easy finding the foods that they needed and they were not sure how it was prepared. Keteis admitted that this was what motivated them to consider this venture - if they had this issue, then so might others.

Now they have a wide variety of dishes that appeal to vegetarians and vegans which even meat lovers can appreciate. Some of the tasty offerings include veggie wrap, veggie balls, burgers, garden salad, ital stew, tofu fajita and the Nanny meal.

The Nanny meal is a combination of three proteins and two pieces of starch. It was named by the customers as they started ordering a nanny meal since it costs only $500.

The meals are served in Calabash bowls in keeping with the natural and earthy theme of the restaurant. With soft Reggae music lingering in the background, it sets the perfect ambience for you to enjoy a delicious but healthy meal under the cool shady trees planted by the Bissetts.

Veggie Meals on Wheels also offer natural juices, using seasonal fruits - from blackberry to tamarind.

One thing he would like to recommend is for everyone to have at least one vegetarian meal per week. It would be a bonus if it was Veggie Meals on Wheels was the place of choice.

Veggie Meals on Wheels

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Contact/WhatsApp: 373 9150


Facebook: VeggieMealsonWheel or No Bones Zone

Twitter: VeggieMOW