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I am not a chef: Ham Cups and Chicken Quesedillas

Published:Tuesday | November 3, 2015 | 5:41 PMKrysta Anderson
I took a quick picture before popping the ham and egg cups into the oven.
With a smile, I present my two dishes.
Chicken quesadillas served with a savoury yet sweet dipping sauce.
Ham and egg cups coupled with slices of National Wholewheat Bread.

Welcome, food lovers, to I am not a Chef! We are now on the home stretch. *sniff sniff*

Speaking of sniffs, I was a bit under the weather while making these dishes, but as I said, the show must go on, so here's a play by play on what I created this time around.

I continued with CB this week and made my very own ham and egg cups, using Caribbean Passion's Chub Ham and Smart Eggs. This was as easy as one, two, three!

First, you take the Caribbean Passion's Chub Ham and slice it into six (they should look like circles) - not too thin, not too thick, just the right size. Then you take your Smart Eggs, about six of them, crack and get to beating them! For flavour, I added salt and pepper, diced onion, thyme, and a splash of hot pepper sauce to my egg mix.

From there, I greased my muffin tin with butter, placed the ham at the bottom and covered it with the seasoned egg batter. Popped that into the oven for about 15-20 minutes at approximately 350 degrees Celsius and wait.

Lunchtime next

Now, wasn't that easy? It was so simple that I just had to whip up another dish. What better way to complement my breakfast, with the ham and egg cups, than by skipping off to lunch and making chicken quesadillas.

So many go out and order this as an item, but how many have ever prepared this at home? Here's your opportunity to do so. I gathered chicken breasts, seasoning (green sweet pepper and onions) tortillas, and two types of cheese - I used white cheddar and mozzarella.

I sautÈed the chicken breast with salt and pepper in a frying pan. Then I got a bigger-sized frying pan, lightly oiled the pot and placed the tortillas in it. I sprinkled the ingredients evenly inside, and then flipped the tortilla over, so that it looks like a taco. To get it nice and crisp, I didn't take it out immediately. I kept my very own flipping party, moving from one side to the next.

By then, the ham and egg cups were ready, and I was able to serve breakfast and dinner together. I removed the quesadillas from the pot and the ham and egg cups from the oven, and served everything up for me to savour the flavour!

There you have it! Join me next time, when I will try to do a healthy (well, healthy enough) quick and easy dinner dish! Until then, walk good and eat good.