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Tea Tree Creperie

Published:Tuesday | November 3, 2015 | 2:36 PM
Stuffed omelette made with vegetables folded up with mild cheddar or Mozzarella and/or pesto.
Apple crisp and cheddar crêpe - sliced apples caramelised with brown sugar, butter, pecans, sprinkled with mild cheddar and wrapped in a sweet crêpe.
Chicken cheesesteak - strips of tender chicken breast scrambled with caramelised onions and sweet pepper salsa and loaded with Mozzarella cheese.

Tea Tree Creperie is the only creperie in St Andrew and our menu is incredibly varied. From breakfast and lunch to dinner and drinks for all, our fare is of the highest possible quality yet competitively priced. When you're at Tea Tree, you're in a different world. The food is so amazing and the decor is so different from anywhere else. Everything about Tea Tree is unique! Just check the writing on the wall.