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Repooh Fish Restaurant and Bar

Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2015 | 3:45 PMRasbert Turner
Rasbert Turner Photo Proprietor's wife Phyllis Hooper digging into some curried lobster.
Rasbert Turner Photo Terry-ann Edwards enjoying her tasty meal.
Rasbert Turner Photo Side orders, bammy and festivals.
Rasbert Turner Photo Fried fish and bammy.
Rasbert Turner Photo Curried crab with vegetables.
Rasbert Turner Photo Savoury fried lobster.

Nestled in the rustic fishing village of Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine is a gastronomic getaway for lovers of fine seafood - Repooh Fish Restaurant and Bar.

The setting is an oasis that is always abuzz with its wide array of dishes.

"We really cater to all in search of tasty dishes. We do lobster, fish, shrimp, crab, conch and any other food that the customers may need. We aim to please, " proprietor Justin 'Repooh' Hooper said.

He told Food that he and his wife, Phyllis, started the business on November 17, 1997 out of a need to do a business in food.

"We ensure that our products are fresh and that our employees are from the area to boost the economy, " Phyllis Hooper said.

When Food visited the location which is opened daily, there were tasty servings of fried fish, steamed fish, curried lobster, roasted fish and brown stew fish, on the menu.

These were accompanied by rice, bammy, crackers, turn cornmeal and ground provisions.

Today, Repooh Fish Restaurant and Bar is a household name for many persons who make a daily trek to the quaint fishing village.

Not just available for lunch, Repooh Fish Restaurant and Bar regularly hosts parties, wedding receptions and other social events.

Repooh is situated near the Old Harbour Bay Post Office and Police station.