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Forget the hassle, enjoy Clean Treats

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
Owner ad director of Clean Treats Martina Christian stands proudly next to her freshly prepared Chicken Deli Spinach wrap served with soup.
The detailed label attached to a jar of chia protein instant oats.
Lunch is served - the chicken deli spinach wrap served with soup.
You don't have to give up 'sweets' to be healthy. The green goodness chia pudding blueberry parfait.
On the go? Grab a nutritous glass of pineapple pumpkin spice protein smoothie for breakfast.
Forget boring and snack on this plate of tropical salsa bruchetta.
Carrots and hummus is a great snack the entire family will enjoy.
Martina Christian carefully folds the ingredients of the chicken deli spinach wrap.
This zucchini quiche with turkey bacon and tropical salsa is sure to boost your energy level and mood.
Packed and ready go - pumpkin spice protein cakes.
Martina Christian shows off her market 'box' of goodies after a great day of shopping.

It's 5 a.m., the alarm goes off and you enter zombie mode - getting ready for work, school or to leave the house ahead of traffic. No time for breakfast, so you grab whatever you see. Some days it's wholesome, some too bad to mention, and even worse, there are days when you eat nothing at all.

For lunch, you eat whatever is served in the canteen or at the nearest fast-food joint. And let's not get started on dinner. By the time you get home you have little to no energy to cook, so once again you are forced to grab something from the nearest food joint.

Five years ago, owner and director of Clean Treats Martina, Christian, was faced with a similar dilemma. By her second year at the University of Technology, she was overweight and tired of the junk she was surrounded by. She yearned for a cleaner, healthier option and decided to do something about it.

She took to the kitchen. "I started the gym and cooking my own healthy meals and treats during the summer break of my second year. After that, in the following three years of undergrad I was able to stabilise my weight by prepping most of my meals. It was however, after finishing my master's degree that I was able to