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Bachelor Chef Cookout - Street eats edition

Published:Monday | November 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Mr Bachelor Chef himself Shea Stewart takes time out of his busy schedule to share the spotlight with Rose Entertainment divas Shamara Morgan (left) and Kaihue Bradshaw.
Bachelor Chef Cookout’s VIP food platter was the talk of the section.
Bachelor Chef Cookout’s Hellshire-style escovitch fish.
Sweet and spicy wings.
Jerked sausage corn dog.
Vodka-infused seafood pasta, anyone? Yummy!
Ernel Bowen cooking up great things in the Copperwood Road Hog.
Exciting palates with every bite is the spicy chicken Alfredo.
Mouth-watering Boston-style jerked pork.

Sunday fun day was given new savoury meaning when Bachelor Chef Cookout (BCC) took over the Police Officers' Club on Hope Road, and created quite a big splash with their 'Street Eats' edition.

Marking their fifth anniversary, the organisers decided to go bigger and better. From the scrumptious BCC pasta station of spicy chicken Alfredo and vodka-infused seafood pasta, to the appetising Street Snack station assortment of wings, flittazz and caawn soup to the flavourful Street Jerk station honey-glazed jerked chicken, Boston- style jerked pork from Copperwood, roast jerked fish, Hellshire-style escovitch fish and more. You name it; they were all freshly prepared and served it with a bright smile.

There was also tasty treats to satisfy those with a sweet tooth; the NescafÈ station generated a buzz with their hot and cold coffee beverages, and a closed bar was kept busy recharging 'spirits'.

Foodies who came out early got first dibs on all the delectable goodness the outdoor cookout had to offer. But soon after, dark clouds loomed over their silver lining when the skies opened, raining on their parade. Many scoured a spot under a tent but remained devoted to their mission to devour everything on site, one plate at a time.

By nightfall, the skies cleared and the stars came rolling in! Patrons indulged in the all you can eat festivities then partied the night away.