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The Healthy Chef Gourmet Meal Club - Eat well, live well

Published:Tuesday | June 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Almost ready! Healthy, nutritious and delicious.
He works hard at being a great chef – his magic touch turns boring, healthy food into fun, delicious dishes.
This deconstructed creamy pasta can be delivered to your door. Healthy but tasty.
Yum! This sweet potato crusted fish fillet tastes as good as it looks.
Chef Williams adds his finishing touches.
The tale of two countries. A Korean and Mexican fusion of plump seasoned shrimp with spicy kimchi, nestled in a baked corn tortilla shell and drizzled with garlic sriracha aioli.
Healthy Chef Paul Martin Williams is cooking up something great.
Chef Williams with his beautiful wife, Elaina.
This sweet pepper- stuffed chicken breast with green pea chowder and baked sweet potato and cayenne pepper sauce could be your dinner. Join the meal club and taste these yummy delights.

The Healthy Chef Gourmet Meal Club is creating a world of healthy eating that will have you stuck on tasty, quick, easy meal plans. Their recipes bring nothing but joy and leave you anticipating the next meal.

Starting operations in January 2016, the Healthy Chef Gourmet Meal Club has been dedicated to providing a consistent meal plan for members with busy schedules who desire a healthy lifestyle.


Magic Touch


The creative hands behind the tasty dishes is Paul Martin Williams, who fell in love with food at the age of 12 and was set on becoming a chef by age 17.

"I feel that you can really connect with people when you feed them. It makes me feel happy to make other people happy. And the best part is, you don't have to say anything. When they take a bite of what you have made, the smile on their faces is a reward in itself," Williams told Food.

Graduating from studies in the areas of international cooking and restaurant management, with a background in nutrition, Williams explored a number of culinary careers across the world, but returned home to fuse his international taste and techniques with those of Jamaica.

With the goal of healing people through food, Williams designed the meal club to help members save money, reduce salt and trans-fat intake, and consume balanced meals.

"By packaging and preparing our own meals, we can control the cost effectively. Food producers and restaurant chefs use higher levels of salt and fat to make their products taste better to the consumer. But, preparing the meals ourselves allows us to control the amount of salt and oils we use in our recipes," Williams explained.

The meal club takes the time to plan the weekly menu so that each meal is well portioned with protein, carbohydrates and fat, plus all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the body. The club has helped many with weight loss, some losing over 50 pounds.

"When eating balanced meals, your body feels satisfied, has fewer cravings and this, in turn, prevents late-night snacking," he added.


Tasty, Healthy Meals


It is often said that healthy meals are boring and not pleasing to the palate, but according to 'the healthy chef', healthy eating can be delicious.

"Our meals and recipes are different because I am never settled. I keep pushing the envelope. Some recipes are great, some just don't work, but at the end of the day, I learn, adjust and make them better. I love to present familiar foods in different ways, so once you take a bite you taste something very familiar," Williams said.

The meal club can reinvent your favourite dishes and introduce you to a healthier, tastier version. The meal plans are the lowest cost on the market, and offer all new members a free sample meal. They can also partner with your gym instructor to come up with easy plans for you to get the best results.

Join the Healthy Chef Gourmet Meal Club and experience a life of no preservatives, no chemicals, and meals that are cooked fresh every Friday. Your meals are delivered frozen in sealed packages to your door.

So, no more excuses as the 'healthy chef' hands you a platter bearing healthy, delicious foods.

The Healthy Chef Gourmet Meal Club

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