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Pan fired up and ready for Regional 1

Published:Wednesday | August 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Pimento is a necessity in Jamaican Jerk.

With a thrust to highlight the efforts and economic impact of the numerous pan food vendors across the island, CB Foods continues its annual cooking contest in search of the island's top PAN chicken man or woman.

On Saturday, August 26, at Independence Park, Black River, St Elizabeth, 30 pan chicken vendors from the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester, St Elizabeth, Hanover, St James and Westmoreland will showcase their culinary skills at Regional 1 of PAN 2017.

Nicola Brown, who is one of the five competitors representing the parish of Manchester, is entering the competition for the first time. The Mike Town resident says her talent for jerking chicken will help in her quest to victory.

"I know I have the talent, and I am in it to win. My game plan is to jerk the best chicken in a way to please everyone," Brown explained.

Hanover resident Nadine Austin believes her sauce will be a sure hit with the judges.

"I think my sauce has a secret ingredient that the judges will love. My style of seasoning chicken and presentation are what I am hoping will help me to win," said Austin, a first-time entrant in the competition.

Anthony Huie from Clarendon is confident that his new style of preparing chicken will help him become victorious.

"I have been in the restaurant business since 1980 and I feel I have a new style in preparing chicken that people will love. I also try to be creative in the sauces that I make," said Huie.

A serving of pan chicken is not complete without slices of National hard dough bread. National Baking Company, which provides cash prizes and bread to winners, has reinforced its commitment to PAN 2017.




"National is delighted to be part of PAN 2017. PAN continues to be a perfect platform for our giant hard dough breads, so the patrons can look out for the new and exciting things we have in store for this year's staging. Furthermore, we remain committed to our contribution to the lives of these pan chicken entrepreneurs. We continue to believe that it is the hard work and tenacity of these everyday Jamaicans that continue to define us as a people and a nation," said National's marketing manager Donnette Hines.

The PAN finalists will compete in a live 60-minute cook-off. A winner and runner-up will be chosen to advance to the Grand Final from each parish. Each parish winner will receive $40,000 in cash, in addition to numerous prizes from several partners, including National Baking Company, Miracle Tomato Ketchup, Nupak Foil and Walkerswood, to name a few. The runner-up will also receive $20,000, among other prizes.

All competitors are vetted and selected through the Social Development Commission.