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The Joy of Blackwell Rum Mixology Experience

Published:Tuesday | August 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Duval adds his finishing touch of champagne to the Sugarless Summer Sangria.
The deliciously hot Scotch Bonnet Rum Rita is irresistible.
The crowd’s favourite – Summer Sangria.
Duval’s June Plum Mojito stays true to the Jamaican fruit and delivers every flavour of the Cuban highball.
If you’re a ginger lover, then the Ginger Zinger is the drink for you.
Drip by drip, Duval makes his cocktails perfect.
Erica Williams is getting the full mixology experience, learning from master mixologist – George Duval.

The joy of Blackwell Rum was taken to higher heights last Wednesday night as Open Bar Hospitality's Mixologist George Duval transformed the fine Jamaica rum into one-of-a kind cocktails.

The intimate cocktail tasting at the Devon House Cafe, which included up close and personal mixology lessons with Duval, made for a memorable night as patrons shared their excitement in the delightful taste in drinks.

"The decision to collaborate with Open Bar in staging the Blackwell Rum Mixology Experience was not a difficult one to make. In fact, within the first five minutes of a 30-minute conversation, in which George and Lisa Duval passionately shared their flair for blending natural ingredients into a perfect cocktail, I become convinced that there would be much value to gain from a collaboration between our two brands: Blackwell Rum and Open Bar," brand manager of Blackwell Rum, Delroy Morgan, told Food.

With complimentary drinks on the house, patrons made the rounds ensuring they had a taste of each cocktail on the menu. From the Ginger Zinger; Sugarless Summer Sangria; Scotch Bonnet Rum Rita; and June Plum Mojito, there were dancing taste buds all around.

"George's creativity with the use of the rum was incredible. The ingredients he used were very complementary to Blackwell Rum's flavour-profile and deep aromatic scent. Knowing the use of the Jamaican ginger, thyme, Scotch bonnet pepper, June plum, fresh mint and Blue Mountain Coffee in making several cocktail concoctions at the Mixology Experience makes drinking them that much more enjoyable," Morgan expressed.

To allow you the pleasure of making these well-balanced flavour profiles in the comfort of your homes, Duval shared his recipes and methodologies with Food. Take a look.


Blackwell Rum June Plum Mojito Ingredients


- 1.5 oz Blackwell Rum

- 1oz fresh June plum puree

- 4 lime wedges

- 8 mint leaves

- 1 mint stem for garnish

- 0.5oz herb infused simple syrup

- Top off with soda water




In shaker, add limes and 8 mint sprigs. Muddle together and be sure to squeeze the juice out of every lime. Then add Blackwell Rum, plum puree, syrup, and ice. Shake vigorously and pour contents into highball or rock glass. Top off with a splash of sparkling soda water, a large fresh and fluffy sprig of mint.


Blackwell Rum Ginger Zinger





- 1.5 oz Blackwell Rum

- 0.5 oz fresh ginger syrup

- 0.75 oz fresh lime juice

- Top off with carbonated ginger beer

- Garnish with ginger candy, and or lime or herb sprig




In shaker, add Blackwell Rum, syrup, lime juice and ice. Shake vigorously and strain contents over fresh ice in highball or rock glass. Top off with carbonated ginger beer and garnish with a ginger candy and/or lime and herb sprig.


Blackwell Scotch Bonnet Rum Rita





- 1.5oz Blackwell Rum

- 0.5oz Scotch Bonnet Infused Simple syrup

- 0.75oz fresh lime juice

- Top off with Grapefruit soda




In shaker, add Blackwell Rum, Scotch bonnet, syrup, lime juice and ice. Shake vigorously and strain contents over fresh ice. Top off with grapefruit soda.