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Perk Up! - To Mountain Bliss 876

Published:Wednesday | April 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Gleaner Online's Chevounne Getten takes a taste of her Mountain Bliss 876 coffee.
Sales Manager of The Gleaner Company, Rainford Wint has a heart to heart with Commercial and Corporate Affairs Manager of Salada, Tamii Brown, about Mountain Bliss 876 coffee.
Salada coffee sampling at the Gleaner Company (Media) Limited on wednesday april 11, 2018
Mountain Bliss 876 coffee went so well with slices of carrot cake and strawberry plain cake.
Social Media Coordinator Yanique Williams receives a sample of Mountain Bliss 876's Classic Gold coffee sweet cake cuts from Lourice Shorter.
Mountain Bliss 876 classic and gold coffee was palatably complemented by strawberry plain cake with strawberry filling.

Show me someone who has an early morning, a late night or in a stressful situation and I can show you some coffee brewing in his or her wake. Coffee, over the years, has become the perfectly cupped stimulant for inspiration so if you're a light-hearted drinker or a die hard coffee addict, then Food has a treat for you! Perk up! to the Mountain Bliss 876.

According to Commercial and Corporate Affairs Manager of Salada, Tamii Brown, Mountain Bliss 876 is a new brand to Salada made from agglomerated coffee crystals, which makes it a different kind of coffee from the average brands. "Jamaican consumers are more experimental with how they drink coffee, so we wanted to find a flavour profile that fits palates," Brown told Food.

They carry two unique flavours: classic, a mix of two beans (arabica and robusta beans), which has lighter taste matching their popular competitors. And the gold, made of 100 percent arabica beans, has a stronger, brewed flavour, that is not only mellow and rich but smooth on taste bud delivery. "It can be had hot or cold. It dissolves just as great in cold water as it does in hot and you can have it day or night, or even before the gym as a picker upper," Brown added.

Mountain Bliss 876 can be found in all major supermarkets and outlets islandwide at a very affordable price. So if you want a smooth coffee that can be consumed black or mixes well with creamer then the classic and gold are the way to go. But don't take my word for it: Mountain Bliss 876 had a tasting at the Gleaner Company and the employees had this to say about the flavours:

The gold has a rich strong coffee flavour that I absolutely love. The classic is good but the Gold is smooth coffee perfection for me. J.L., female.

The classic has a strong taste to me and I'm no coffee drinker, but I like it. You know like how other coffees are overly bitter, that's not the case. O.T., male

I like the classic cold - it has more flavour Gold has a more bitter taste. I like them both and I would buy both but if I were to choose, I would choose the classic. T.N., female

The cold classic flavour was the best. I'm.not a big fan of coffee but the taste was extraordinary. N.N., male.

The Gold coffee has a more modern blend of flavours and it is enhanced as a cold beverage however it tastes a little bitter hot. I would prefer the Classic hot as a day to day go to coffee to have before the long work day starts while the Gold as a fun sip with a dessert or just as a pick me up. S.L, female.

The aroma is soft with a smigde of smokey bitterness. And while eloquently robust in flavour and it soothes the palate. There are also tones of chocolate that finishes with delicate bitterness that lingers just enough to make the beverage the most pleasurable coffee I've tasted in quite sometime. C.L., male