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Sky Dweller Lounge - The smoking new hotspot

Published:Tuesday | May 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/ Gleaner Writer
Mixologist Akeem Edwards delivers a Sky Dweller Blue with a Kodak smile.
Chef Courtney Virgo presents SKy Dweller's signature16 bean and pineapple ragu.
Mixologist Akeem Edwards prepares a Sky Dweller Blue.
Winging it is definitely in tasty trend at Sky Dweller Lounge.
Unwind from a long day or enjoy the weekend with Sky Dweller's game changing burger and fries.
Millard's Mojito will have you in happy spirits in no time.
The Appleton Trifecta: X-Ale, Joy and the Peach Estate.
Bad Chef' herself Sasha Gordon applies smoke to their shrimp pasta.

Looking for somewhere to chill with family and friends over good food and even greater drinks? Well, look no further. There's a smoking new hotspot in town, and its name is Sky Dweller Lounge.

Manager Jaime-Lee Bingham explained that they started out with a bang but fizzled a bit after the initial excitement. They picked up momentum and has been growing in sizzling strides every week since then.

Already, there are crowd-pleasing favourites from their menu, particularly those freshly prepared under the smoked dome. Millwood-smoked barbecued chicken, smoked pork chops, and smoked shrimp pasta are among the flavourful line-up. Cheeseburgers, wings and vegetarian options are also available to spice and entice your palate.

But while you'll come for the food, you'll definitely stay for the drinks.

Mixologist Akeem Edwards has been in the business for three years now and had this to say about his place of employment, "Sky Dweller is an excellent establishment to express my creativity and to grow with the company as a brand." And that he did, whipping up not one, not two, but six cocktails guaranteed to tease as you drink your way straight into the gates of paradise.

We were introduced to The Appleton Trifecta: 'x-aling' Joy with the Peach Estate. He went and beyond the Blue Horizon to serve up the Millard's Mojito. But the mix that stole the show was none other than the Sky Dweller blue. "Sky Dweller Blue is our signature and best seller mix. We wanted bring the sugar factory effect to our experience, and since we're into smokey food, why not create something sipping on similarity? That's where Sky Dweller Blue comes in," Bingham shared.

The restaurant has even upped its ante by stepping outside of the kitchen to provide nightly entertainment on the weekends with Friday in the attic, Millie Rock Saturdays and Strictly Dancehall on Sundays.

So, they encouraging persons leaving from work, especially in the New Kingston to escape the traffic and seek tantalising refuge with great food in an amazing setting. "We have ample parking, underground included, that is safe and secure. We have one of the biggest screens in Kingston so if you need to watch the game, come on by and we'll be sure to entertain you."

With a friendly staff coupled with breathtaking view of the city, both day and night, you can't ask for anything better. So what are you waiting for? Experience 'cloud nine' flavour and check out Sky Dweller today.

Try your hands at The Exhale mix and Millard's Mojito and let us know what you think.


2oz Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Ginger Ale


Add ice to a rock glass, add 2oz of Appleton Estate Signature Blend on top off with ginger ale and sip responsibly.

Millard's Mojito


2 oz simple syrup

2 oz Appleton Genesis

3 lime wedges

Fresh mint leaves

Soda water


Muddle mint leaves with lime wedges and simple syrup. Add Ice and Appleton Genesis to a pilsner glass and top off the mixture with soda water. Garnish with a slice of lime and a cherry. And Enjoy.