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Veggie Campus - A place where you eat healthy while soothing your taste buds

Published:Tuesday | May 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Eating healthily is more than a choice, it's a delicious and juicy art. Anchored on Skibo Avenue in Kingston is a small bistro known as the Veggie Campus, where you will learn to eat intelligently and soothe your palate from plates of crunchy and tasty vegan meals. It's owned by Brent Blair, a young chef with a passion for feeding others with affordable, healthy meals. And it's his dream come true to be able to go beyond the ordinary and provide greater choices for healthy snacks and meals for vegans and persons with a curious appetite and taste buds.

The three-year-old eatery started out in his little home kitchen, but demands for the delicious meals have led him to his current location, where he continues to mesmerise taste buds. Currently, the restaurant only provides a delivery service, but has hopes to provide foodies with a superb sit-down dining experience to match the level of the food it provides. "I learnt to cook professionally when I started the voyage of a vegan life, 18 months before I started the business. It was out of being creative ... and wanting nutritious meals because then the vegan options were very slim," Blair told Food.

Veggie Campus provides a blend of signature meals and traditional vegan meals with a unique touch of taste. The delicious cauliflower wings dipped in barbecue and served with ripe plantains and raw vegetables is one of the most liked meals at the restaurant. And the famous beetballs, which are made from a combination of shredded beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, crush peas and sweet potatoes, are idyllic for persons who like to try something new. The beetballs are served with lightly salted sweet potato fries made from scratch by the restaurant.

The curried veggie chunks and vegan stewed peas are some of the other tasty delicacies the restaurant offers that foodies can try. "Our meals are delicious and people love our food. When we go to events we are surprised by the many persons who come to us for our 'grass' food. Even the Chronixx show last year, it was more than we had anticipated," he added.