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Simply delectable - Ocean's 11 ready to satisfy your palate's desires

Published:Wednesday | June 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence/ Staff Reporter
Ocean's 11's drink mix.
Grilled salmon served in lemon butter capered sauce with carrot garlic purée accompanied by a potato crockett.
Chef Troy Laing holding his molecular gastronomic creation.
Garlic shrimp in a tortilla basket served with herbed mashed potatoes and vegetables atop a carrot garlic purée.
Bar Manager Racquel Palmer takes a sip of one of her favourite sweet cocktails, the PWB.
Ocean's 11's very own Beef and Reef, a twist on the surf and turf, served with beetroot, mashed potatoes, and vegetables with carrot garlic puree.
The Calanda Cake
The Dirty Campari
Ocean's 11's Delano Lewis holds his handy work: a pistachio, chocolate ice cream sundae.
Patrons Eunice Opoku (left) digs into Ocean's 11 salted caramel ice cream, while gal pal Stephanie Degraft enjoys her Ferrero Rocher at the beginingn of Opoku's bachelorette party celebrations.
The Gummy Bear

Oceans 11 will take you on a vacation-dining experience with good vibes, great cocktails, and fine food.

This by-the-seaside restaurant is known for its breathtaking view but has so much more to offer such as Monday Jamaica Night, their coveted Karaoke Tuesday which still maintains a great turnout, Wednesday Game Night, Free Flow Fridays, which is like an after-work jam, and Throwback Saturdays.

Over the years, the owners have made a few changes, like their Seafood and Salsa Thursdays, but the most highly anticipated weekly events Spectacular Sundays, which will officially start on July 1. Every Sunday of the month will have its own special theme. The first Sundays will be Paparazzi Sundays, which will be a picture party that includes a fashion show. The fashion show will feature clothes from surrounding vendors and on-spot shopping. Second Sundays will be a bit more laid-back with brunch, and third Sundays will be music and comedy, where guests will get to enjoy live stand-up comedy. Fourth Sundays will feature live bands and a cabaret show, so whether you like to party or prefer a relaxed atmosphere, you will be catered for.

As it pertains to cocktails, bar manager Racquel Palmer told Food that they cater to everyone, from the average rum and coke drinkers to those who want a more creative cocktail. This we got to see as they showcased beverages that were as appealing to the eyes as they were to the palate, colourful and sweet with choice Wray & Nephew in the mix. These beverages ranged from the Calanda Cake to satisfy mudslide and piÒa colada lovers who don't want to choose to the Rum Cherry for men who want something with a kick - not for lightweights.

The food experience is just as exciting as chef Troy Laing explains that the food is prepared with a molecular gastronomy approach. Simply put, he approaches food as a science, ensuring that you are captivated visually by the artistry. This was seen perfectly with the grilled salmon served with lemon caper sauce and the carrot garlic purÈe served with potato crockett.

When you are finished with your meal and want dessert, or if you want a cup of coffee or breakfast, the cafÈ section will give you all your heart desires. Producing its own ice cream, Ocean's 11 guarantees you traditional flavour with a few creative touches. The alcohol ice cream that comes out on special occasions like Father's Day and Christmas is a perfect example.







2oz Blue Curacao

11/2 oz coconut rum

11/2oz Appleton Genesis




1. Pour 1oz of Blue Curacao and Appleton Genesis into a blender with ice and blend until purple.

2. Pour coconut rum into a blender with ice. Add pica colada mix and blend until white.

3. Add 1oz of Curacao to the mixture of pica colada and blend until blue.


Gummy Bear





1oz cherry brandy

1oz vodka

1oz Midori

1oz Appleton Genesis

2oz orange juice




1. Pour cherry brandy into a cocktail glass with ice.

2. Mix vodka with the orange juice, and gently pour on top of the cherry brandy.

3. Mix Midori and Appleton Genesis, and gently pour on top of the mixture.


Rum Cherry





11/2oz Appleton Special

11/2oz cherry brandy

Top off with club soda




Pour cherry brandy into the glass with ice. Add Appleton rum, and top off with club soda.


Calanda Cake


2oz Sangsters Rum Cream

2oz Appleton VX

20oz coffee liqueur

1oz chocolate syrup

1oz clear syrup





Pour all ingredients, except nuts, into a blender. Add ice and blend. Serve in a cocktail glass topped with nuts.


Dirty Campari





2oz Campari

2oz Martini Rosso

2oz Trevento Sweet Red Wine

1oz Appleton VX




Shake well with ice and pour into a rock glass.