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The Rebirth of Alex's Creation

Published:Tuesday | July 31, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence/ Staff Reporter
There are also birthday inspired goodies.
Wouldn't you just love to sink your teeth into this black forest cake dressed as a rose.
Alex's Creations scrumptious banana bread.
These are perfect for your Independence party.
Sophia Harris about to sink her teeth into her tasty creation.

Alex's Creations is back and ready to move forward after a three-year pause.

In 2015, Harris started Alex's Creations out of the need to earn extra income to help her grandmother, who at the time was struggling with Alzheimer's. She was uncertain as to what she was going to do, and with prayer, this venture was laid on her heart. She named it after her son Alex Rose. She loved baking but had no formal training, so she decided to do a course and did some networking and the business was in full swing after.

A few months in the business she received a phone call from her son's father who was living in Trinidad with some news that she was not prepared to hear. Her son had a brain tumour. It was a rare case of cancer called PNET - primitive neuroectodermal tumour - and she immediately packed her clothes for 10 days but ended up staying one year and a few months. He was required to do three brain surgeries, and after the first two, she was told that the third would cause him to become paralysed and lose his ability to speak.

They even travelled as far as Colombia for treatment. Initially, he was supposed to do chemotherapy only there, but he ended up doing another surgery. What she marvelled about was the fact that Alex never complained and throughout everything she still held on to her faith. In fact, she admitted that was all that held her together.

After fighting for a year and five months, Alex passed September 14, 2016. "My heart was hurting because he was my heart".

Harris returned to Jamaica last year, and after encouragement from her friends, she decided to start baking again.

"They would tell me that Alex would want me to be happy and he would want me to continue," she said, and took their advice, paying tribute to her song.

Now she places even more love in her creations. She has a wide variety of cupcakes, which includes her son's favourite coconut - with a touch of rum, her personal favourite which is the Pina Colada, and red velvet which one of her customers shared spoke to her soul.

She also has chocolate heaven, cookies and cream which children love as it has bits of oreo in it, and the pinata that has little chocolate bits. She decorates them based on the requested theme as she does cater for parties, special events or just requests.

Her banana bread amazes most of her clients, its soft texture crumbles in your mouth and bits of nuts give a delightful surprise.

She hopes to create a Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly) line of cupcakes for charity. So that she can give back and help families that might have a child fighting cancer because she knows exactly how expensive it can be.

While she is still mourning Alex's loss she notes, "With God I am unstoppable. And you never leave this earth until your destiny is fulfilled. Whatever Alex's was, he fulfilled it."

Sophia Harris - Owner

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