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100 amps up menu

Published:Tuesday | September 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence/ Staff Reporter
100 Hawaiian will have you feeling like you are 100 per cent on cloud nine.
Chef Ramon Hoo holding his mouthwatering octail arancini.
Start off your night at 100 with something exotic like this fried calamari.
Have a fine dining experience with the salmon with lemon capers sauce, served with herb rice and vegetables.
Sink your teeth into the customer's favourite - 100 BBQ chicken.
Lemoy 'Tweety' Cunningham mixed up a storm and created one of 100 signature drink 100 Hawaiian.
A meat lovers dream - oxtail arancini.
If you are a nachos lovers then this is a must have.
You cannot ask for a better cocktail if you have a sweet tooth than this tropical breeze.

Restaurant 100 does not have 99 problems, rather they have 100 reasons why you should enjoy the establishment - and the 100th reason is their new menu.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important at 100.

The menu will surely be calling you back - reason 40, especially after sinking your teeth into the oxtail arancini.

You will never go back to regular stuffed meatball after trying this appetiser made from breaded and braised oxtail, jasmine rice, cheeses, and Jamaican herbs and spices. Your tongue will thank you for every bite.




Chef Ramon Hoo, who developed the recipe as one of 100's signature dishes, admits that this Italian and Jamaican fusion is his favourite.

Another hit on the menu - reason 69 - is the barbecued chicken, the current bestseller. The sweet barbecue sauce that coats the tender half-chicken, served with coleslaw, vegetables and corn, will make you salivate before, during and after consumption.

Your favourite game might be on and you do not want to watch it alone; well, that is reason 32 to be at 100. The nachos at 100 is the best defence against hunger during an intense match and will definitely have you coming back each game night.

On the libation side, 100 has an array of drinks and wines. Having a100 signature cocktail should definitely be on your bucket list.

Their Tropical Breeze is a smooth, sweet cocktail that opens the senses. You will not be able to resist this drink which has a touch of coconut rum combined with liqueurs and fruity flavours.

If you are looking for something that is more on the refreshing side to keep you 'chill' in this never-ending heat, then you should try the Cucumber Twist. Made with Skyy Vodka, sour apple liqueur, among other sweet and sour ingredients, then topped with cucumbers to give the refreshing taste, this is a perfect summer cocktail that you can have all year round.

The 100 Hawaiian is another delightful tropical drink made from orange juice, creme de banana and a combination of rums. You'll barely notice the alcohol, but you can definitely taste the Caribbean. You will feel as though you were transported to a white sand beach.

Today might be your special day - reason 7 - so you should give 100 Kingston or Montego Bay a visit.

There is all-you-can-eat crab on Crab Mondays; Comedy Nights on Tuesdays; 100 Live with live entertainment every last Wednesday; Captain's deck, which is an ultimate fish fry experience, on Fridays; Rockaz on the Roof with oldies on Saturdays; and $500 Sundays, when choice wine and rums are sold for only $500.