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An ocean of flavours at Bush and Water

Published:Wednesday | December 12, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
Head chef Curtis Marshall gets ready to prepare the scrumptious roasted lionfish.
Ileshia Williams owner of Bush and Water poses with two of her favourite meals.
The tropical coconut jelly lobster pasta, a fusion of live food and seafood, served in a gizzarda shaped flat bread.
Pineapple stuffed roasted lionfish served on a bed of roasted corn and mango glazed roasted plantain.
For a tropical flavour, fresh coconut is essential for coconut jelly lobster pasta.
A bed of roasted plantains, corn, sweet pepper and carrots warm and ready to receive the roasted lionfish.

Bush and Water is transforming the 'foodscape' of Portmore with an ocean of creative flavours.

The five-month-old restaurant is owned by Ilesha Williams, who first started out selling plantains, callaloo and a variety of seafood. But a desire for healthy meal options compelled her to cook up tasteful choices from her produce. They were so delicious, she decided to share them with all who dare to venture on an ambrosial eating spree.

"I wanted a lifestyle change as it applies to food. So I eliminated meat out of my diet completely. I wanted to show people that when eating healthy food it does not have to be the same boring things you're use to, like salads and fish sticks. Bush and Water gives you something exciting," she said.

She added that her bistro's name is just as thrilling as the food she offers.

"I chose the name of my restaurant because I think it's a millennial way of saying culture. I wanted to find something catchy and relatable to my offerings. So 'bush' represents the crunchy vegetables we use and the water is symbolic of the sea," she explained to Food.

It's menu changes and get better with each season. Boasting a number of unique and delicious meal choices that result from blending vegan, seafood and live foods - those prepared without the use of fire or heat. The inviting bistro delivers mouth-watering flavours that tease your palate.

Unique options such as the tropical coconut jelly lobster pasta, a fusion of live food and seafood, served in a gizzarda-shaped flatbread, is a perfect treat for your taste buds. Putting a savoury twist on traditional meals drives Williams and her team of skilful chefs. So, absorbing hints of luscious fruits when you least expect it is what Bush and Water is known for. The zesty pineapple-stuffed roasted lionfish, served on a bed of roasted corn and mango-glazed roasted plantain, is one example that will intensify a scrumptious frolic.

"Also, we do not use oil to prepare our food. I know what can happen when you consume too much grease and I want to improve people's eating habits," Williams told Food.

Yatty, the restaurant's homemade vegetable patty, ackee fried rice, and its signature Ribena wine, a naturally fermented drink that is dubbed as the B12 vitamin, are added factors that will bring to life the delectable euphoric experience that you're yearning.

Deliveries are done in and around the Portmore area, but the eating house is always open for dining and takeouts.

Bush and Water can be contacted at (876) 841-0258.