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Food with Bloom

Published:Thursday | April 11, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer
Chef Do explaining how he and Chad Nehemiah started Bloom Cafe.
A nice homemade ital dish consisting of cooked cabbage salad, fried plantains tomato and cucumber slices along with coconut rice and peas.
Cane-ginger juice sweetened with honey.
Yes, yes. Ital, please!
Errol Bogle, also known as Chef Do, shows off his ital dishes.

Nestled in the cool hills of Irish Town, St Andrew, Bloom Cafe, an ital eatery overlooking the Mona Dam, was birthed out of a passion for enjoying great food while romancing the realms of Rastafarian wellness and sustainability. This rustic, handmade creative space started out as a simple off-road farm, then blossomed into a local cafe created with the needs of the wider community in mind by Chad Nehemiah and Errol Bogle.

Errol Bogle, also fondly known as ‘Do’ is the part owner and local chef at Bloom Cafe. He has been an ital chef for many years, locally and overseas.

“I started out using the land-to-farm method. When I’m farming I always cook and people suggested that I should start cooking professionally again, because the food smell and taste good; then I decided to put up this establishment with Chad, my business partner.”

The Bloom Atmosphere

The space is serene. Tranquility swept over the atmosphere while birds chirped happily in the distance. The greenery and the sound of the occasional car passing by on the smooth road, worked together to remind patrons that we are all connected in some way. Bloom boasts a space to unwind, clear one’s head and boost creativity, all in one go; and for the person tired of the fast city life, nature-centered events such as yoga classes, bonfires, and weekend gatherings are arranged just for you. If you enjoy the company of furry friends, a friendly kitten who seemingly enjoys the crunch of the ‘good ole’ Excelsior water cracker may greet you with loving headbutts and gentle purrs. One simply could not ask for more.

The Food

The menu consists of foods grown by local farmers and all-natural spices, such as turmeric, cumin and ginger. Bloom has something on the menu for everyone – from sip (a soup made with only natural ingredients), smoothies and juices to bellyful of meals, inclusive of cabbage, chunks, plantains, ackee and ground provisions, along with rice and peas.

The cafe opens on weekends, Fridays - Sundays.

Instagram @bloomcafejamaica.

Telephone at 876-895-7356