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Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show

Published:Thursday | April 25, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Lifestyle Reporter
A Bajan performer from the group Q7 excites the crowd with a mixture of calypso, reggae and soca.
Bajan icon ‘Mudda Sally’ gives the crowd much to talk about with her memorable performance.
ABOVE: The Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza is a treat for all ages.
A stilt-dancer showing off his acrobatic skills.

With tiki-style torches, a sandy beach and the most unique open-air setting; Harbour Lights is a definite must-see experience when visiting Barbados. The Beach Extravaganza and dinner show explores the island’s rich Afro-Caribbean heritage, traced through the melodious sounds of three Caribbean bands and a complete cast of performers.

Every Monday and Wednesday, people visiting the island are able to immerse themselves into Bajan scenes, re-enacted by the symbolic cultural characters who engage in the many elements of social history.

“We start traditionally with a bit of our folklore with a bit of Bajan characters and market vendors entertaining the guests. And of course, ‘Mudda Sally’ is always a big spectacle,” said production Manager Cicely Callendar.


The Bajan tradition also includes stilt-walkers, who are seen as ‘Guardians of the village’. “They usually climax the night, but before then, you have the fire-eater; that is just something to behold,” said Callendar. The crowd was in awe as the fire-breather, Cassius Clay, not only danced, but bathed himself in red-hot flames and the epic flaming limbo dancer showed just how flexible she was.

Complementing the entertainment package is a delicious spice -infused BBQ dinner straight from the grill, along with free-flowing drinks for the entire night. For dinner, people are able to choose from steak, fish or chicken, which is served buffet-style along the beach.


“We have been in production for over 31 years, and if the people did not love it, we would not be in operation for so long. They love coming here to experience the fusion of cultures, from Bajan to Jamaican and Trinidadian,” said Callendar.

To close off the night, patrons were given a taste of Caribbean carnival, where they were able to see the vibrant costumes that can be worn during the season. With a spectacular steel band performance that mixed traditional songs with current pop culture hits, all the characters from the show did their final curtain-call dance as the crowd cheered.

The Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show is great for all ages and is a must- see experience when visiting the island of Barbados.