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Palate-pleasing sensations of Roti Wraps n More

Published:Thursday | May 2, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
Below: The curried shrimp alfredo pasta served with garlic bread is a must-have at Roti Wraps n More.
It's a usual fourite, curried goat served with traditional rice and peas, vegetables and friend plantains.
Yearning for some chicken? Try the curried chicken wrap with French fries.
The spicy chicken wrap paired with freshly prepared plantains surely makes mouths water.
Roti Wraps n More owner David Nelson is excited about his palate-pleasing sensations.
Chef Jasper Sutherland Jr is always ready to tantalise your taste buds.

David Nelson got bored of traditional meal options, so he started on a flavoursome venture, resulting in Roti Wraps n More.

The eatery on Parkington Plaza opened its doors less than a week ago. Previously, they operated as a home-based enterprise that delivered tasty and healthy alternatives in and around the Kingston and St Andrew area.

Nestling comfortably at the new location, Nelson assures his customers that they can expect the same great flavours and service. He told Food that sacrificing quality is never an option when it comes to satisfying food lovers. Newcomers, too, are also being urged to prepare themselves to indulge in worthwhile savoury moments.

“You can call roti a ‘Trini’ thing, but I think it’s Caribbean. As a regional heritage, I think it’s something good to delve into. We’re not the only place that offers roti. But it’s different from the traditional rice and peas that you get almost everywhere, hence it remains relevant. I know a lot of people want something different and we want to fill that gap,” Nelson said.


The menu is spectacular and boasts a number of delicious options. Curried shrimp, chicken, goat, chickpeas and other vegetarian and vegan choices are just a few appetising choices, and the roti and wraps are made in-house by Nelson.

Pastas, too, are available. In fact, Nelson is inviting food explorers to try one of the bistro’s favourite, curried shrimp alfredo pasta, served with garlic bread – the one-of-a-kind option is a filling delight that ceases conversations with its great taste.

Every day is a joyful food frenzy at Roti Wraps n More. Ensure that you ask about the menu’s special. An exciting treat could be on the list that you’ll surely enjoy.

“The food culture in Jamaica is expanding and changing rapidly. It’s fun food and the restaurant is a place for everyone. Our offerings are also wholesome, so you still get your nutrients from each bite,” Nelson said.

Hurry and get your mouthful of goodness from Roti Wraps n More.

For more information or to place your order, contact 876-450-4950.