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Devouring Big Flavours at Plates By Sab

Published:Thursday | May 9, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer
The tropical curried coconut fish served with potatoes is an absolutely delectable option.
Craig ‘Serani’ Marsh and Sabrina Prendergast, the owners of the intimate eating house, show off one of the eatery’s top sellers, the delicious curried goat and white rice with a succulent piece of fried chicken.
This plate of curried goat paired with fried chicken and white rice is enough to have you returning for more.
Stewed pork with the traditional rice and peas anyone? You certainly won't regret it.

Sabrina Prendergast and Craig (Serani) Marsh are the owners of the intimate eating house, Plates By Sab. The restaurant provides homestyle cooked meals. Starting out as a home based establishment, the fairly new restaurant is now strategically located on a roof on Old Hope Road. So, be prepared to enjoy a wide view of a section of the St Andrew while devouring your delicious meal and engaging in conversations at the outdoor dining area.

Still in its early days of operation, Marsh told Food that all should be prepared for a breathtaking transformation of the location.


Plates by Sab started impromptu. Exactly a year ago the duo prepared Mother's Day dinner for their mothers, but it was too much. Much was left over from the macaroni extravaganza, an exciting baked lasagna dish with a number of delicious fillings, that Prendergast made. So, she sold it and orders for more of the wholesome greatness and other tantalising choices came pouring day after day. She had no other choice than to deliver. This treat is now one of the signature dishes of the bistro. It's also one you need to try.

Curried coconut fish is also a great option. Seasoned to perfection, it has a tropical flavour and is served with any side of your choice. The stewed pork, is a hit. It’s one of the eatery’s top selling meals and is paired with a side of the traditional rice and piece. You will surely appreciate it too. And its famous for it's scruptious plate of curried goat and white rice.

Prendergast is the head chef at Plates by Sab. She works magic each day whipping up fantastic options that keep food lovers returning for more. The young chef has no formal training in the culinary field. Still, one can't tell after biting into a mouth-watering plate of goodness that she created.

"I'm passionate about food and I think my culinary prowess is a gift. I earned my skill from watching others in the kitchen, especially food networks on cable," she said.


The eating station posts it’s menu in the evenings, to prepare food lovers for a feast for the next day. Each day has a standard option so, if you’re craving the good old stewed peas with a pig’s tail, you should be heading to the restaurant on Wednesdays. Vegetarians too can indulge in the thrill. All are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

“But what makes Plates By Sab unique is that you get home cooked food on the road. And it’s prepared form our hearts. So, if you miss your grandmother’s or mother’s cooking you can come here and it will be like old times. Plus we are a very flexible food spot. Unlike some places where you have to stick to their menu, we’ll make what you want. All you have to do is tell us in advance so, that we’ll have enough time to prepare it,” Prendergast explained to Food.

High quality customer service is also another characteristic that the duo believes sets them apart from other restaurants.

For more information contact Plates By Sab at 876-460-9450 or its Instagram page @platesbysab.