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Ev'rything Curry! A taste of Kingston Curry Festival

Published:Thursday | May 30, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer
Mouthwatering curried goat from Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hut.
Enticing curried jerked chicken from the Reggae Chefs.
Sheriff Gourmet BBQ whetted appetites with cowboy curried pork and roasted yam.
Curried fish (right) and curried mango from Curry Hut had many wanting more.
The radiant Hilrette Jagoo presenting her culinary creation: curried jackfruit, curried chicken, curried goat with roti.
Foodie David Nation takes a bite out of his box of curried goodness from The Curry Corner’s Hilrette Jagoo.
Maxime Dumas and Marguerite Bruchet made the lawn of Hope Zoo their dining table for all things curry.


The first ever staging of Kingston Curry Festival held recently, saw droves of food lovers pre-labouring their palates with all things curry.


Cover charge aside, patrons were invited to purchase the wide array of everything curry and more, on fantastic display.


And with cultural diversity being the highlight of Jamaica's culinary experience, those who graced the lawns of Hope Zoo last Wednesday night, had one mission in mind: to indulge in the gastronomic likes of as much curry as possible. Here is Food's taste of this year's Kingston Curry Festival.


Murray's Fish and Jerk Hut, feasted taste buds with its internationally acclaimed curried goat. The Reggae Chefs, had many in an 'irie' mood, courtesy of curried jerk chicken. Sheriff Gourmet BBQ, took foodies to the Wild Wild West with a lovely pork spread display, whetting the appetite with cowboy curry pork and roasted yam on the side.


Curry Hut, feted taste lovers with curried fish and curried mango. And in the curry corner, the lovely Hilrette Jagoo presented curried jackfruit, curried chicken and curried goat with roti. Other vendors such as So-So Seafood, Walkerswood, Banyan Catering and Soup King, and many others did curry justice with the foodies. But Grace stole the show, boasting long lines because of free samples.