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Reggae Jammin topping recipes

Published:Thursday | July 18, 2019 | 12:00 AMNatovia Shand/Gleaner Intern
Sizzling summer toppings great for your traditional hotdog or burger snacks.
Reggae Jammin gave a juicy bite with their beef and chicken burgers topped up with a blend of savoury additions.
A sweet treat for your hot dogs, carmalized pineapples.
Topping blend of black olives and red onions.
The Philly Cheesesteak topping incorporates the Black Foest ham, onions, sweet peppers and cheese
Yummy topping of pickled cucumbers dare to surprise the tastebuds.
Chef Theo Smith poses with his array of flavoursome toppings for the Reggae Jammin franks and burgers.
Chef Austin Neene aided in creating the delectable toppings.
Chef adds the final touches to a Reggae Jammin hot dog.

Get ready to try some sizzling summer toppings for your classic Reggae Jammin hot dogs and burgers. The Reggae Jammin Chicken Franks, Chicken and Beef Burgers are a select snack for a quick fix, normally sandwich with bread buns and topped with ketchup. Taking things up a notch for the summer, the brand introduced some new and appealing ways to top up your classic hot dog or burger snack.

Food had a quick chat with Raquel Watson, brand manager for Reggae Jammin and Hamilton Smokehouse, at the recent STAR Ball Kids Barbecue held at The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited. She describes the products as a fine line of seasoned convenience products that are of great value and quality. The brand paired up with Chef Theo Smith, caterer executive from Great House Caterers (GHC), and Austin Neene, main chef at GHC, to concoct a few impressionable toppings for their line of easy-to-prepare products. These summer recipes are considered excellent for picnics, beach trips, backyard gathering, or even as a lunch snack.

“There’s more that you can do with your hot dogs and burgers, it’s not just ketchup and mayonnaise. We decided to show some fun, creative toppings they could try,” Watson explained. Their franks are made with 100 per cent Best Dressed Chicken and absolutely no artificial colouring, while the burgers are pre-seasoned and easy to prepare. Cooking from frozen in only seven minutes, ample time is available for you to add on these toppings:

Let’s get Jammin.

Greek Toppings

A blend of pickled cucumbers (soaked in sugar and vinegar), black olives, red onions and feta cheese crumbles. Such an interesting topping to explode your taste buds the Mediterranean way.

Caramelised Pineapples

Cube pineapples then sautée in rum and sugar. Place on low heat and add the rum last, so it burns out just right!

Philly Cheesesteak Topping

Combine onions, sweet peppers, cheddar cheese sauce and Hamilton’s Black Forest Ham slices, which replaces the beef. Savour their exquisite take on the famous ‘Philly Cheesesteak’.

For Reggae Jammin Burgers

Chicken Burger topped with ham, mozzarella cheese and arrabbiata sauce (you can opt for tomato sauce).

Beef Burger topped with roasted red pepper, mushroom and cheddar cheese.