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The greatness of PAN is back for 2019

Published:Thursday | July 25, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Chevanese McFarlane takes a tasty bite of her jerked chicken.
Comedian Dufton ‘Duffy’ Shepherd stepped up to the palate and savoured every bit of his jerked chicken, alongside launch attendees Abigail and Janae Williams (left).
Tori Tulluch and Javae Munroe indulge in the jerked chicken quarters over light conversation.
Pan 2018 Championship winner Lesma Huie beams with great pride as she poses with her culinary creation.
2010 and 2012 CB PAN Champion Mark Stennett happily shows off his jerked chicken for the camera.
Hula Hoop demonstrated by a woman for the competing gentlemen.
Sizzling jerked chicken, fresh from the pan, was ready for many to devour.
Regional Develoment Manager at the CB Group, Alicia Bogues, rocks a radiant smile beside Floyd Green, state minister in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.
Succulent look at flavourful jerked chicken, served with a side of festival.

“Leg and thigh, or breast and wing?” This cultural refrain is frequently sung in the streets by a ‘jerk man’ or ‘jerk woman’ in the streets islandwide. This same question was posed to an attentive audience at the recently staged launch of PAN 2019.

PAN has facilitated the dynamic showcase of culinary mastery at its tastiest, and stands as the biggest and longest-running food festival in Jamaica.

Celebrating 15 years of greatness this year, sponsors, media and specially invited guests intimately gathered on the roof of the Half-Way Tree’s Transport Centre in Kingston last Tuesday to commemorate the occasion. Graffitied CB zinc fence, a fully stocked ‘beer’ bar, and all the flavourful, succulent, mouthwatering jerked chicken you could savour - what more could attendees ask for?

The always-radiant Miss Kitty kicked off the formal proceedings by warmly welcoming spectators and thanking them for returning to this one-of-a-kind experience. Floyd Green, state minister in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, in his address, shares that 15 years of doing anything is quite an accomplishment. Title sponsor CB, he says, has helped to develop the pan industry and make it sustainable. This boost in cultural awareness and delightful diversity is something that he hopes the company will continue to invest in and innovate. Nicole Hall, assistant brand manager of CB, added that what she loves is that her company is all about inclusion. She is pleased that PAN provides a platform for people to shine and show their true potential as stars.

Other sponsors stepping up to the plate and showing their support include National Baking Company, Nupak Foil, Miracle Tomato Ketchup, Red Stripe, Wisynco, Coca-Cola, Tru-Juice, Wata, Walkerswood, JN Bank and Jamaica National Small Business Loan.

As a highlight, the recap of PAN 2018 was presented, to the merriment of viewers. And in between speeches, guests were invited to participate in hula hoop, balloon and dancing competitions.

The team also took a moment to say goodbye to HWT Transport Centre, the food hub that has been so good to them for years, and is saying hello to its new home: Grizzly’s Estate, located in the garden parish of St Ann.

In the words of Miss Kitty, “Pan has become a family tradition. It’s not just an event, it’s a lifestyle, our culture and who we are.” Be sure to entice those taste buds of yours at the regional segments of the competition in Folly Oval, Portland, on Saturday, August 2, and in Black River, St Elizabeth on Saturday, September 28, and take the feastings of greatness all the way to the grand finale on October 27.