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Pizza Hut summers with Pepperoni Cheesy Bites

Published:Thursday | August 1, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer

The same company that brought you the Doritos crunchy stuffed-crust Pizza, DEALicious rectangular shaped pizza and the signature Amazing 4 Pizza, created another exciting culinary delight.

Pizza Hut, leading in taste and innovation, takes great pleasure in providing a unique approach to creative consumption. Picture pizza bordered by 28 poppable bites, stuffed with cheese and pepperoni: mouthwatering, right? This new feature is hitting palates and delivering a burst of flavour in your mouth.

The doughy delicacy that is pizza, has been a foodie fave among families and friends. And the summer season only heightens this desire. “The summer season is a time for new experiences, fun vibes and great company. Our pepperoni cheesy bites is all about indulging in those exciting and enjoyable moments, giving customers the true ‘popping’ summertime vibe that can only be complete with a delicious Pizza Hut Pizza. We know that wherever there is a party, a lyme or a get-together this summer, a Pizza Hut Pepperoni Cheesy Bites pizza will be right at the heart of the festivities,” explained Pizza Hut’s brand manager, Andrei Roper.

But this cheesy bite already has a tasty history in food ‘biz’. In 2017, according to Roper, Pizza Hut introduced the limited time offer cheesy bites pizza, which was made up of 28 “poppable” cheese-filled bites baked into the pizza crust. Roper described it as a huge hit. The company then brought it back to the menu in 2018 with a twist – adding pepperoni to the cheesy bites crust, and the response was once again tremendous. “It was clear that our consumers were in love with the combination of pepperoni and cheese in the crust, the fun experience of being able to ‘pop’ the 28 bites, and also the flexibility to customise their Pepperoni Cheesy Bites pizza with any topping of their choosing,” he shared. So why not reintroduce this concept, taking the best of both worlds to create a powerhouse of flavour?

When Food asked why lead with pepperoni, Roper responded that customers are huge fans, as far as popular pizza toppings go, so they decided to run with it. “We decided to couple that with our amazing cheesy bites pizza, creating the perfect product to excite and stimulate our consumers,” he added. Although the pepperoni is stuffed inside the crust, pizza lovers have the freedom to order the pepperoni cheesy bites pizza with any topping their choose, including the popular Amazing 4, which is four pizza toppings on one pizza.

Roper asserted that this pizza stands out among the rest because this flavoursome adventure offers you both an appetiser and a main-course meal in one. The reviews thus far has been great. “Pepperoni cheesy bites is here for a limited time only, just for the summer period, but with the product already doing so well, who knows what will happen after summer? Stay tuned!” Roper said.