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DHB Too An International Pastry Renaissance

Published:Thursday | August 22, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
A lover of cheesecake, Reika digs into this minature oreo cheesecake made by DHB Too
A Canadian delicasy, Nanaimo Bars are the perfect guilty indulgence for chocolate lovers.
Minature lemon cheesecakes offer just enough sweetness to satisfy your cravings.
Fruit lovers will enjoy these minature fruit tarts made from fresh local produce.
DHB Too offers bread puddings with a twist. Look out for the surprise inside.
This strawberry creme brulee has a thin crust created from the flames of DHB Too which covers its soft, gelatinous interior.

An international pastry renaissance is currently under way inside the Devon House Courtyard. Devon House Bakery (DHB) Too is the latest addition to the culinary scene and is presently making headway with its multinational delicacies. The sister bakery to the original Devon House Bakery opened its doors on December 4, 2018 and has charmed the sweet tooth of many locals that are on the quest to try new things.

“The Devon House Bakery that everybody is familiar with is really the place for authentic Jamaican pastry,” said Tahji Whittaker, junior brand manager. “The pastry selection at DHB are the authentic pastries you would grow up on that your grandmother would make,” he continued.

The company decided to expand because they have already established themselves within the market as the go-to place for local favourites. “We create pastries that initiate a nostalgic feeling for locals that have been abroad for a long time and something new for tourists that are visiting the island for the first time,” said Whittaker.

DHB Too is a challenge they have gladly accepted by bringing international pastries to the forefront. The cosy storefront snuggled in the nook of the Devon House Courtyard right beside its sister store. Upon entrance, your senses will take flight as you are greeted with a mixture of sweet scents of fruits and salted carmel. DHB Too’s display case is overflowing with treats from both eastern and western hemispheres. Customers will surely have fun trying to decipher the names without getting their tongues tied.

The offerings at DHB Too include cheesecake bars, parfaits, creme brûlée, nanaimo bars, a wide assortment of healthy granola bars, and the list goes on. Each sweet treat comes in a single serving which provides an enticing morsel of bliss for your guilty indulgence. Its miniature treats are perfect for the little ones to eat all at once without making a mess, and even date nights at Devon House.

“DHB Too is simply bringing international flair to your already well-loved and known Jamaican brand,” said Whittaker.