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Sugabuzz Sweetens Vegan

Published:Thursday | September 5, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer
Cheers to the mouthwatering banana cream chia pudding.
Dare to savour this sweet vegan blueberry cheesecake.
A closer look at Sugabuzz’s vegan chocolate cake.
Banana cream chia pudding for everyone!
Owner and CEO of Sugabuzz Desserts, the lovely Suelan Chung-Evans.

The term dessert is synonymous with the succulent indulgence of guilty pleasure. But these days, with many jumping onboard the health train, the buzz around sweet treats has been refined and redefined as pastry that not only tastes good, but that is good for you. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!

The Sugabuzz that many know and love is now putting a signature twist on making and baking vegan treats. Food caught up with owner and CEO Suelan Chung-Evans in the kitchen to find out more about her new sweet adventure.

Chung-Evans explained that the initiative was one of personal pursuits.

“I became a vegan over a year ago because of health issues.”

When she first got sick, she was afraid to eat anything. Over time, she has been reintroducing herself to food by going natural and vegan. It required a lot of research – she is still learning, but she is getting better at it. Where she found a solid solution is with something sweet.

“Because I like sweet things, and I need sweet things to eat, and because people feel that vegan doesn’t taste good or it doesn’t look appetising, I wanted to change that and add vegan desserts to what we offer.”

For months, she spoke of this gastronomic goal but didn’t act on it. Until the opportunity of Kingston Night Market presented itself: it became the perfect platform to launch her vegan line. Customers had requested vegan desserts in the past, as per their request, and she fulfilled those orders. But the official launch of her vegan line of pastry last month went extremely well.

So far, she has created banana cream chia pudding, blueberry cheesecake, her decadently sweet chocolate cake and chocolate crunch cookies – all vegan. Her process: finding the right ingredients and combining them to make mouthwatering magic on your palates.

“I’ve been looking into avocado, so I want to try an avocado chocolate pudding. I’m also planning on converting my regular menu to vegan, like the coconut cake and plain cake, so that they can have options from most of the items, available. And yes we continue to offer custom orders,” Chung-Evans added.

So if you want to sweeten your taste buds, vegan style, then Sugabuzz Desserts is the place for you. For more information, you can find her on social media on Instagram – @sugabuzz; or Facebook – Sugabuzz; or email: