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Lucky Strike Seafood Bar and Grill

Published:Friday | September 13, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer
Brown-stewed fish.
The 48oz Beast.
Bartender Ricardo Richards preparing ‘The Beast’
@xxixlea dives into the chicken shrimp alfredo pasta!
Check out @ik_ben_shanz and her crab from the large lucky bucket.
The ‘Bahama Mama’

Smack in the middle of Kingston is the flavour of the ocean and if you’ve found it, you’ve made a lucky strike!

Food braved the rain and ventured to Manor Centre to find the hidden seafood haven, just inside JamZone bowling alley and we were not disappointed. The four and a half year old dining establishment was birthed when the owner of the bowling alley needed someone whose expertise was in the food service industry and in good spirits, the name ‘Lucky Strike’ was chosen to fit the theme. Only serving burgers, wings and other lounge-like delicacies, General Manager, Carron Doctor came in with her personal love for seafood and changed the dynamics of the menu, turning Lucky Strike into one of Kingston’s hottest seafood joints.

The Seafood Fiesta

We sampled three dishes and the first was the brown stewed fish. Flakes easily and melts away in your mouth, the snapper is bursting with flavour. Not at all swimming in gravy so it could a healthy option for pescatrians and health conscious beings alike. It is usually served with bammy or festival but if you happen to be in the mood for a heavy dinner, rice and peas is definitely an option.

Next, we had the chicken shrimp alfredo pasta. Creamy with just the right amount of cheesy goodness, the pasta is made with very thin strips of carrots, green peppers and red peppers to add texture. So what’s the chicken/shrimp to pasta ratio? Listen, we understand the disappointment when you look forward to your alfredo pasta and when it is presented to you, it’s as if they stayed a mile away from the plate and and tossed the protein aspects. Not the case with Lucky Strike. There is an ample amount of shrimp and chicken chunks. One can even say there’s a piece for every bite.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for, the lucky bucket. A seafood boil is served in either a bucket or a dutch pot. There is crawfish, shrimp, crab, sausage, corn on the cob and potatoes.Usually done garlic butter spicy but you can request it curried or swimming in sweet chilli sauce. Man, it is a fantastic seafood lover’s delight. We unquestionably suggest you grab a team of seafood junkies and head on up to order your serving.

The Bar

Of course we couldn’t just leave you thirsty. Resident bartender, Ricardo Richards gave us two mixes. Combined with ice in an electric blender, Richards measured out white rum, coconut rum, orange juice, pineapple juice and another secret Lucky strike ingredient leaving us craving more of the sweet kick given by the ‘Bahama Mama’.

‘The Beast’ which stirred our soul in amazement as it is a 48 ounce glass that also comes with a challenge. Here’s how it goes: Grab you crew and ensure that two or three of you are really thirsty. If you finish the drink within the given time, guess what? The drink is on the house. That’s right, you don’t pay!

The best night to join the lively crowd is on ‘Seafood Wednesdays’ as you will get $500 off your purchase of a lucky bucket. But, that’s not all. Lucky Strike also enters your name on that same night for a ‘spin the wheel’ game. Every hour, a lucky customer will get the chance to spin the wheel and win items such as a free cocktail, serving of fries or red stripe beer. What’s the grand prize? A complementary lucky bucket!

So, catch you next Wednesday?