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Rumtastic Sorrel Experience with Stewart and D & G

Published:Thursday | December 12, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer
Chef Stewart adds the sorrel rum glaze to the sorrel rum infused chicken satay.
Breakfast differently with this delish sorrel rum ham with scrambled eggs and toast.
Hmm! Sink your teeth into Chef Stewart's rum and sorrel glazed shrimp stir fry with peppers and onion, and melt away in euphoria!
Tap into your festive side and get into the Christmas 'spirit' with this sorrel rum punch daiquiri
Sorrel rum infused chicken satay with sorrel rum glaze, made with the star of the culinary show, D&G Sorrel Flavoured Rum Liqueur.


Sorrel and rum. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well, it is! "I'm surprised that it took so long for someone to think of this," were the words uttered by Chef extraordinaire, Shea Stewart, at the D & Sorrel Flavoured Rum Liqueur. After all, we are already in the festive practise of putting rum in our sorrel drinks, so it only makes sipping sense for it to be bottled for purchase over the counter.


Stacy-Ann Smith, brand corporate public relations manager of Red Stripe, explained that the D & Sorrel Flavoured Rum Liqueur has a distinct sorrel taste and flavour. “It’s great over ice!” she proudly declared. She shared that based on the liqueur, it will add or bring out a lastingly sweet impression in your food.


With that in mind, the two palate powerhouses teamed up to give Food a brunching experience to remember. The good chef fired it up in kitchen, pairing his culinary expertise with what he describes as the versatile and creative product.


According to the owner of catering company, Elite Kreations and co-owner of The Pallet, the flavour profile of the liqueur plays a lot of notes of sweetness, has a tang from the sorrel as well as a kick with the rum. “Immediately, I thought to reduce it a bit, sweeten it a little more, add a splash of lime juice to the mix to bring out the tang and use for a glaze.” The end result? The savoury offering of breakfast, the sorrel rum ham alongside scrambled eggs and toast, a healthy filling for lunch or dinner of rum and sorrel glazed shrimp stir fry with peppers and onion and a tasty light dinner or appetiser of sorrel rum infused chicken satay with sorrel rum glaze.


Just when we thought Chef Stewart could not top this magnificence, he adds mixology to his list, creating an exotic sorrel rum punch daiquiri topped with D & Sorrel Flavoured Rum Liqueur, of course!


D & Sorrel Flavoured Rum Liqueur just touched down in major supermarkets so grab it once you see it, and thank us later.