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Have a Ragamuffin!

Published:Thursday | December 19, 2019 | 12:00 AM
The perfect place to practise your sign! Say hello to your DeafCan barista.
Words to live by!
Vibe out with this extensive menu.
Ragamuffin is the perfect place to catch up on your reading and treat yourself.

Different types of businesses have been able to take advantage of the centrality and accessibility of Lady Musgrave Road. These businesses supply different types of people with diverse needs, and if you’re in need of a comfortable space with affordable prices to meet up with friends or get some work done, the Ragamuffin Coffee Bar is the place for you. Located at 74 Lady Musgrave Road, the coffee bar is a bit obscure, but this hole in the wall is Kingston’s best-kept secret and Food is here to spill the beans.

Once you walk into the coffee bar, you’ll find a seat at their wooden, high-top table or along the wall nearby the ever-coveted outlets. The space itself is bright, getting lots of natural light from the large front windows which is in turn, reflected from the pristine white tiles. While it is bright, the motif at the entrance and the murals on the wall, as well as the large decorative wicker light fixtures, create a warm and friendly environment, assuaging any concerns about it being rigid. Coffee shops should have personality and Ragamuffin is chock full of that, from the baristas to the food available and the events held there.

New hotspot

Operating as a hostel in the back and a café in the front, Ragamuffin has found a way to integrate into the local community and act as the newest hotspot for all sorts of people to get their java on. Partnering with DeafCan, they offer numerous drink options, from the reliable latte and tea to the totally out there nitrogen ‘nitro’ cold brew you can have three ways. Going to Ragamuffin means you can have ‘Hungry Man’ wraps and salads, acai ‘Dream Bowls’ or good old ital soul food from VegiCampus, not to mention the yummy full-sized baked treats brought in from DeafCan. Ragamuffin has made an effort to provide healthy and filling bites, so there’s definitely something for everyone; and even more so, there’s something everyone can try at least once. You can even grab some ice-cold Red Stripe beer from the tap, poured to perfection by your barista. That’s right, this coffee bar goes above and beyond to provide you with the best experience possible. Remember, it’s always 5 p.m. somewhere!