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Catering makes life easy

Published:Thursday | December 26, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer

The new Year is just around the corner, and we all know the ins and outs that walk hand in hand with wonderful family gatherings, one of which is the preparation of food. Caterers understand that in this day and age, as families get bigger and older, not many people want to go through the hassle of buying food, preparing it, and serving the multitude. Nobody’s here to judge you. In fact, Food notices the importance of efficiency in the 21st century, and here are a few reasons why getting a caterer for the 25th of December is a brilliant idea.

The food isn’t likely to disappoint: Caterers are trained professionals who love what they do and take pride in it. They ensure that the food pairing is a success.

Food presentation: This takes work. Everyone eats first with their eyes. Colours are matched with various textures and presented in such a way that might have your guests’ mouths watering. You’ll definitely hear delightful comments as you unveil your tasty spread.

No waste: During food preparation, it is likely that food will be wasted. A caterer knows how much food to buy, prepare and serve, so at each stage, you will have minimal waste.

It saves time: Everyone knows how time-consuming it is to cook for large numbers, not to mention the mess it creates. Use the time to share and reconnect with your loved ones. Play games, share a laugh or two. Just ensure that the table is set and ready when it’s time to chow down.

There’s little to no mess: The food from caterers comes in disposable containers. No heavy pots and pans to combat with. Everything can be folded, placed in a garbage bag and taken to the skip.

Families that have used caterers:

Beckford family: “We have been using a caterer for the past five years because the number of people who show up to our family home during this time just keeps growing. It’s easy. The food gets delivered the day before. We reheat and serve.”

Gordon family: “This is my first year hosting 10 people for a New Years shindig in my apartment, and having a caterer takes 70 per cent of the stress away. I highly recommend.

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