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Indulge with Inferno Kitchen

Published:Thursday | January 23, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer

The fusion of flavours, so dangerously fulfilling, that you will have no choice but to return for more. That is the experience in the Inferno Kitchen.

F ood caught up with the owner, Damion Haynes, to find out more about his heated passion. “My love affair for food began at the age 11. I used to write down ingredients and foods from different cuisines and envision what each element would add to the dish to make it better. I use to do this daily as I was preparing for my moment when I would go on America’s master chef and would have to do the mystery box challenge.” The young aspiring chef would often dream of this mission, but reality had better plans.

He attended the University of Technology and it was there that he began taking a pragmatic approach to savoury and sweet. Hosting cookouts with his friends and housemates, he would gauge their reactions to the different flavour profiles he presented. Imagine preparing dinner at 2 a.m. every night, working assiduously on the aromas from various ingredients to ignite neighbours from their slumber, or catch the scent of the nocturnal who walked among those halls.


When Haynes received the opportunity to experience rustic French cuisine at first hand back in 2013 on a work and travel programme, he was thrilled! He was the dishwasher but he took notes on each dish being freshly prepared at 1770 house in East Hampton. Then Chef Michael Rozzi gave him the opportunity to come in early to learn about how to prepare different dishes and how to time dishes without a clock. “That summer began my five-year journey of work and travel where I got the name Mr eight days a week, working 21-23 hours each day doing breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight baking shifts at various restaurants and cafes. I have worked as a prep, line cook and baker for internally accredited chefs such as Michael Rozzi, Michael Symon, Daniel Humm, Anthony Cole, Dan Cote, Jackie Murphy,” he shared. Over the years, he has worked in New York, Miami, Massachusetts and South Carolina.

The concept of creating a restaurant came into being out of combining all the things he has learned over the years: the need to always produce and present sizzling, high-quality food that include peaking flavours and playful textures. After discussing with his significant other, Sabrina Platt, about how to encapsulate his vision into a name, Inferno Kitchen was the answer to all his hopes, goals and now, your gastronomic needs.

Since opening in the final week of October of last year, the reception, he says, has been good. “The clients seem to enjoy the presentation and flavours of the food and are shocked when I tell them that I have a degree in information technology and not in anything culinary,” he revealed.

Signature dishes

His signature dishes include s’mores stuffed French toast, strawberry cheesecake stuffed French toast, omelette souffle, berry cheesecake crepes, Inferno burger, chicken melt, Asian orange chicken, JJ cheese cheese Mac and cheese, baked chicken with pineapple glaze, bagel pizza, beer batter fish sticks, Inferno house salad, chicken and shrimp pasta, garlic parmesan wedges, and more, “Each recipe is created from scratch of an original recipe. Like, the JJ Mac and cheese is my brother’s own signature recipes. And these dishes are enjoyed by customers because of the unique flavours and textures they have. Plus, it combines items that cannot be found easily to create an experience with every bite.” The meals boast bold and authentic local flavour fused with an international flair.

Haynes is looking to introduce homemade jams, butter, sauces and even ice cream and vegan-based pastries to his taste portfolio, and dabble in mixology as well. “We are also moving forward in the health department, offering pre-and post-workout shakes, along with meal plans that can be delivered to you so that you never have to worry about eating outside of your diet,” he said.

Don’t deprive your taste buds: tap into your senses and indulge with Inferno Kitchen today. Available for catering and daily devouring, visit the food hub at 8 Holborn Road in New Kingston, call: (876) 479-1255 or follow on Instagram: @inferno_kitchen_catering for more information.