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say it with Bespoke WedBars

Published:Thursday | January 30, 2020 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer

One of the most important aspects of any event is the open bar, and the presentation of said bar should be a top priority. WedBars has been bringing beauty and opulence to weddings and small private soirees by offering bespoke bar designs, speciality bars and self-serve stands for the past three months. Not at all a novice in the business, proprietor Melissa Jenes who has been an event planner for the past seven years noticed a gap in the market. “I had to outsource bar services and the standard wasn’t what I wanted for my clients,” she explained. So, with her love for fine beverages and a passion for drinking first with her eyes topped with creativity, she introduced WedBars to the public.

While packages are available and they make planning a tad bit easier, Jenes encourages her clients to consider bespoke as it will enhance your decor and make your intentions clear. “Let’s say, for example, you want a fully stocked bar: wines, Scotch, champagne and juices. To manage the crowd flow and add to the decor, I would suggest a wine shack, only for wines and decorated accordingly, a Scotch and cigar bar for the gentlemen, a self-serve station for juices and a very futuristic champagne bar with decorated glassware,” she said. Other options, such as roving bar carts, are available if you intend on seating up to 50 guests and want to avoid foot traffic.

The champagne station is what really caught our eyes. The bubbly beverage was served at a wedding and was topped with rose petals. “Are they edible?” we asked. “Yes, everything we use is edible, even the glitter,” Jenes said. The petals even add to the characteristics of the champagne. As you drink, the floral additives sink to the bottom of the glass leaving behind a subtle fragrance you can taste.

So, why the name ‘WedBars’? Think about it, if this service is good enough for your wedding day, a memorable life-changing event, is it not a superb suggestion for any other special day?

Having catered to dinner parties, baby showers and the like, the St Mary native, whose business is based in Ocho Rios, is now offering packages for special occasions. Now that Valentine’s Day is in clear view, she has a romantic ‘bubbly bar’ for lovers. This package has two mini Bottega Gold champagnes, two roses and chocolate dipped strawberries for those special téte-a-téte moments.

WedBars is set on making its work a conversation; the part of your event that leaves people reminiscing. With staff who are just as creative and committed to the mission and vision. They cater to both indoor and outdoor events and are capable of matching any decor you choose.

Have an event that needs the special WedBars touch? Follow their instagram @wedbars or call 876-422-8412.