Sun | Jul 5, 2020

Blue Seafood Restaurant and Bar – bringing new life to Spanish Town Road

Published:Thursday | June 4, 2020 | 12:18 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
The promoter promises a party in your mouth with this seafood medley.
The promoter promises a party in your mouth with this seafood medley.

Tristan Tulloch, more popularly known as Touch of Blue, is a name synonymous with entertainment. As a party promoter, Tulloch hosts the annual Touch of Blue anniversary event as well as the weekly Cheap Mondayz event based at his Spanish Town Road headquarters.

It therefore,came as a surprise to many when the promoter opened up a seafood establishment – Blue Seafood Restaurant and Bar – at his party base. But, Tulloch told FOOD that as a lover of food and a stickler for healthy eating, it was only a matter of time before he expanded his horizons to take in the highly competitive restaurant space.

His new adventure is driven not only by his love for good and healthy food but also to expose inner-city communities to new and different things. “The area that we operate this seafood business is not known for these types of food so we are catering to a demographic that would usually have to go outside their community to seek out meals that would tantalise their taste buds. A lot of people want to move away from the everyday eating of fried chicken, etc, and seek out healthier options. With this restaurant, we are saying ‘you don’t have to go far to enjoy the quality food you desire and at great prices’. You can enjoy your curried lobster, your shrimp pasta, your garlic-flavoured crab the same way you would if you went uptown,” he shared.

Tulloch revealed that one of his biggest desires for the 10-month-old food spot is to create such an inviting ambience and magical dining experience that people forget they’re even in the inner city when they enter his establishment. “Not only do I want to create jobs for the people from the area but I want to set this restaurant apart in such a way people don’t even remember the area they’re in. The inner city is often stigmatised for being uninviting but I want to help change that. I want this place to look and feel like any other seafood restaurant ‘uptown’,” he said. “Plus, I assure you, the taste and the prices are already as good as that of my uptown competitors.”

Blue Seafood Restaurant and Bar is already well on its way to achieving the status Tulloch is hoping for. With years under his belt as a party promoter, the restaurant naturally is a magnet for local celebrities. The eatery has fast become a chill spot for some well-known industry professionals, including the likes of Stone Love’s sound system owner and operator, Wee Pow, and singer Louie Rankin. Although restrictions on public gatherings slowed down operations at the restaurant, Tulloch told FOOD that things have still been going relatively well. He said he has adjusted to the quarantine conditions and has expanded his business to offer a delivery option. So now, all people need to do is call in, place their order and have it brought to their doorstep for a small cover charge.

Blue Seafood Restaurant and Bar is located at 181 Spanish Town Road.