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It’s getting saucy in the Inferno Kitchen

Published:Thursday | July 2, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson /Gleaner Writer
Chef Damion Haynes of Inferno Kitchen posing proudly with his culinary masterpieces, his Alfredo sauce (left) and creamy shrimp Alfredo.

French Chef Alexis Soyer once said, “Sauces in cookery are like the first rudiments of grammar – the foundation of all languages.” Channelling that same delicious energy into his dishes is local chef and caterer Damion Haynes.

The owner of Inferno Kitchen decided to take his catering plan to phase two by creating signature sauces and spices for your own heated cooking expeditions. “This was the direction I wanted to go in from I started Inferno Kitchen. Doing seasonings and sauces was always a part of my six-phase catering plan,” he told Food. The new addition to the Inferno family was timely, considering the nature of the current COVID-19 climate. Now seemed like the best time to act on culinary endeavours. And with many working at home, and doing more cooking as a result of this new way of living, this is the ideal innovation for those preparing meals to savour.

Growing the produce himself, Haynes ensured that all the products were made with both fresh and fertilizer-free ingredients. The Inferno Kitchen seasoning and sauce lines are based on original recipes from he and his parents, Pearlena and Ancel Haynes. Used during cooking sessions at home, they have become the backbone of his catering business, exuding rich and boldly unique aromas and flavours already associated with Inferno Kitchen’s dishes.

With supporters anticipating the lines’ arrival, the feedback so far, Haynes declared, has been good. “My aim is to explore all aspects of catering and provide Jamaicans with flavour combinations and dishes that they have never had before.” He also shared, “Everyone won’t get a chance to taste my dishes and realise the great quality they’ve been missing out. But the sauces give food lovers the opportunity to elevate their dishes with Inferno’s signature flavours.”

Are you in the mood for pizza or pasta? Well, the talented chef created Inferno pizza sauce and Inferno Alfredo sauce. Other signature flavours include seasoning blend and Portland jerk sauce. Persons can look forward to the large selection of seasonings, sauces, spices, condiments and beverages in the near future. “This will complete phase two and create room for phase three, which is Inferno Direct, a courier service to be launched in Portland.”

These sauces can be ordered on You can also visit the catering company at @inferno_kitchen_catering and @infernomarketja on Instagram for more information.