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Celebrate with ice cream

Published:Thursday | July 23, 2020 | 12:25 AMKrysta Anderson/Staff Reporter
Nutella Ice cream
Nutella Ice cream

It has been said that, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that is pretty much the same thing.” Who can attest to this? So many!

Ice cream has an amazing way of lifting a person’s mood or making every occasion even better. There’s cake, which is great, but once you add ice cream to the mix, then you’re really in for a treat! From engaging in the sweet indulgence on a hot summer’s day, visiting the local stores and shops with family and friends to waiting on ‘Creamy’ to reach your house on a Sunday afternoon. And who can resist mouth-watering flavours like cookies and cream, rum and raisin, grapenut, strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, rocky road, crunchie munchie, and more?

Since National Ice Cream Day was celebrated this week, What’s Your Flavour decided what better way to celebrate than by taking a stroll down memory lane and sharing a few stories from ice cream lovers about their ‘fave’ creamy freezies moments.

Ice cream is one of my comfort foods. When the rich cream melts in my mouth, leaving little nuts to munch on and the cone: it’s everything. The tip tastes the best. I love my pistachio ice cream! The second option is butter pecan. Any ice creams with nuts are my favourite! When I was much younger, I had ice cream every Sunday afternoon from the ice cream man, aka ‘Creamy’: that’s been her fondest memory.

– Petrenia Wright, artist

I really love ice cream. I enjoy the many flavours and appreciate the fact that this cold dessert is not too sweet. My top ice cream memories include the first time I bought double scoop ice cream at Devon House on a sugar cone. Friends asked if I can manage it and I said ‘of course, you know I love ice cream’. In no time, I had it all. The other was bittersweet for me: my mother hosted a surprise party for me in high school. She bought cake but to my disappointment, I didn’t get any ice cream. So, during the party, a relative of mine took me to get a strawberry sundae with nuts. Strawberry cheesecake, rum and raisin, Häagen-Dazs Bailey’s ice cream, fruit and nut and strawberry are my favourite flavours.

– Shellaine Sibblies, drama teacher

Ice cream gets an eight out of 10 for me, but for my daughter, it’s possibly rated as 12 out of 10. When we were Massachusetts for her surgery, I took her to her favourite ice cream store, JP Licks, and I bought her a kiddie size and a double for myself. She took the double from me and I ended up eating hers, which was way too tiny. While she ate the double scoop, I asked her if I could get some. She outrightly said ‘no’. Then I asked her if she didn’t love me, she then said, “I love you boo boo” and carried on as if to say I love you but I’m not sharing my ice cream. My favourite flavour is coconut or anything with coconut in it. She loves sweet cream (JP licks) and vanilla locally.

– Shonick McFarlane, entrepreneur