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Covid Cravings?

Published:Thursday | August 20, 2020 | 12:10 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Ice cream.
Ice cream.

American bestselling author and co-creator of Whole30 health programme, Melissa Hartwig, once said, “Cravings are not about food. Cravings are about stress.” While no one is condoning bad habits, it’s really hard to ignore the burning desire to satisfy hunger, especially during the global pandemic when many are at home, either bored or consumed by the pressures of the new norm. Food asked a few foodies what have been their Covid cravings and together, we came up with a list of their must-haves.

Dairy-based snacks and treats

Topping the food charts in Covid cravings are dairy-inspired treats. From ice cream to chocolate and all the cheesy snacks in-between. According to Natalie James, she has been eating a whole lot more oreos, anything chocolatey and cheesy.

Trayce Ann Henry revealed that ice cream has been her guilty Covid pleasure because it's her favourite comfort food, "There's something about having a little ice cream late evening during my downtime when I am trying to relax my mind and body. It's therapeutic, especially after a rough day both mentally and physically," she added. Davion Smith agreed, noting that ice cream has been his pandemic jam at strangely ridiculous levels.

Seafood diet

Taking the second spot on this Covid Cravings list is seafood. Petrenia Wright confessed that she has been having a shellfish craving in the last couple of months. "The flavour and adventure of getting messy really excites me. I get comfort from not having to use a fork or spoon, while searching for meat tucked away between joints."

She shares her lockdown craving with a more accessible dish: macaroni and cheese "It has a longer shelf life. It's super easy to prepare because I'm not a chef and I always love the taste of cheese." Do you see why dairy came first?

Rushelle Townsend can certainly relate, highlighting the fact that all of a sudden, there's nothing to her like lobster and salmon. The cravings have gone so far into overdrive that she had no choice but to satisfy them herself by cheffing up the delights.

'See food' watch

You must be wondering what's the difference. Well, one comes from the ocean while the other craving sets to devour everything in sight. Kmar Coombs explains that he had been suffering from 'see food' phobia. His fear of seeing any food quickly turns into an addiction. "I have been eating far more chocolate though," he added.

Brian Cuff concurs that he, too, has been going through this phobia. "I've just been craving food with my craven self and now I'm fat. I see food, I eat food. At midnight, I'm having bulla and cheese with a tall glass of cold Milo. And on another night, I'll be having rice and peas with chicken."

Random snacking

Kajha Escoffery admitted that her go-to snacks since the pandemic are a completely random list of her favourites: Sunshine snacks caramel popcorn with peanuts, gummy bears and pistachios. Oneil Grant shares similar cravings and has a direct source for his snackage. "Working from home, I’ve been snacking a lot more. I've turned to eating all of my daughter’s snacks, cheese sticks, banana chips and more. Because of this, I have to buy extra snacks now," he said with a laugh.

Romain Lewis noticed a change in his eating habits, so much so that he gained around 10 pounds. "On a regular day, I don't snack at all, I only have set meals. During quarantine, I definitely snacked a lot. I was also cooking more and it wasn't always the healthiest dishes, often just the most convenient." Lewis couldn't pinpoint any particular food that gave him comfort; he was just eating more, and he consumed alcohol more regularly as well.