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Celebrate Coffee Day with a Boost

Published:Thursday | October 1, 2020 | 12:06 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Coffee flavoured Supligen
Coffee flavoured Supligen
Friendship flavoured with Supligen coffe.
Friendship flavoured with Supligen coffe.

Today is International Coffee Day (cue the confetti!) and Supligen, a favourite of many, has joined in on the celebrations with an all-new coffee flavour.

Supligen has had a long history with satisfying the appetites of its many Jamaican customers. Boasting a rich and bold taste, it is also packed with vitamins and possesses the filling function to stand on its own or provide chasing support among spirits. Just imagine that uniquely sweet flavour enhanced by coffee!

When asked why the decision was made to incorporate a coffee flavour into the mix, Seprod’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Pandohie explained that since coffee has been trending among the millennials and Generation Z, it was only fitting that the brand joins forces with the perking charm of local java, the best in the world, to give you an enchanting experience.

“This product has been brewed to perfection with the flavours of locally grown coffee, while staying true to the viscosity and flavours you all know and love, that is, a unique Jamaican taste,” he said.

The coffee-inspired drink, locally manufactured at the Serge Dairies plant in Bybrook, Bog Walk, is ideal for the caffeine lovers, Supligen fans, or those who are not necessarily a fan of the brew but are looking to try something new.

After a yearlong developmental process, which included going through several consumer studies locally and abroad, the flavour is finally ready. “The reviews have been phenomenal; in fact everyone who has tried the product has fallen in love with the taste. Coffee, complemented by the brand’s creaminess, is a treat for consumer palates,” Pandohie said.

The group of companies seeks to continue its mission of piquing consumer interests locally and internationally with remarkable innovations. “The Seprod team is also aware, as a manufacturer and agricultural player, of its important role as our country goes through this economic shock. Jamaica’s recovery will require the manufacturing and agriculture sectors to be key pillars in providing quality jobs, increasing export earnings and value-added groups. Supligen Coffee twins both these sectors in a winning way,” he highlighted.

The creamy collaboration is currently available at all leading supermarkets and wholesalers in Jamaica. “We are working quite hard to increase our distribution footprint with this item and have embarked on partnerships with coffee shops, where it will not only be sold as a ready to drink option but will also be the base for three signature drinks that will be on offer for the month of October,” he revealed of future plans.

Life hardly gets any better than this, so celebrate today by tasting the best of both worlds in one boosting drink.