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Sue-Ann ‘Petite-Sue’ Gordon-Pitter and Joahann Pitter

Published:Thursday | May 27, 2021 | 12:17 AM
Sue-Ann ‘Petite-Sue’ Gordon-Pitter (left) and husband, Joahann Pitter, enjoy Red Stripe infused jerked shrimp kebabs and barbecued wings at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records on Constant Spring Road.

With combined YouTube subscribers and social media following of more than 600,000, it’s safe to say that despite her stature, Sue-Ann ‘Petite-Sue’ Gordon-Pitter is big in local online circles. Petite-Sue Divinitii is known for her beauty vlogs, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle videos, where she is often joined by her husband, chef Joahann Pitter. As Food discovered, the pair is just as entertaining in person as they are online. Always up for a challenge, Sue-Ann and Joahann took on our rapid-fire food quiz as they sampled dishes and drinks off the new menu at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records.


1. You’re known for your fitness routine, but when it comes to food, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Sue-Ann: I am a fitness guru, but sometimes on the weekend, I tell myself that it is okay to let down my guard and indulge in a little more wine than I should.

Joahann: Pig’s tail. I’m trying to cut back on pork, but when it’s used in stewed peas, I cannot resist it.


2. Which is better: breakfast or dinner?

Sue-Ann: It’s definitely dinner food; I can skip breakfast easily.

Joahann: I share the same sentiments. Dinner foods are definitely better.


3. Who’s better in the kitchen?

Sue-Ann: I think it’s the both of us. We’re good in our own way; we shine through in different areas of cooking, but he’s good at seafood.

Joahann: [laughs] I think I’m the better cook, but to be honest, she cooks some meals better than everyone else.


4. What’s your favourite dish?

Sue-Ann: This is so difficult to answer. The only thing I can say is anything that can be curried.

Joahann: Mine is curried shrimp. I have an obsession with shrimp.


5. What do you enjoy cooking together?

Sue-Ann: I enjoy preparing seafood with Joahann, and he enjoys showing me his techniques.

Joahann: I agree. It’s seafood.


6. What’s your go-to comfort food?

Sue-Ann: That is some nice seasoned ramen noodles; it is quick and easy to prepare.

Joahann: Comfort food? I didn’t even know that existed, but to think about it, I love shrimp, and it’s convenient to prepare, so I would say that shrimp is my comfort food.


7. Which Red Stripe flavoured beer best describes your personality and why?

Sue-Ann: Lemon Paradise! It is zesty and sweet at the same time with a tropical taste. Plus, it has a little alcohol that makes you feel nice at the end of it.

Joahann: For me, it’s sorrel. Sorrel is seasonal, you can only get it at certain times of the year, and you can only get the best of me at certain times.


8. Which do you prefer: a home-cooked meal or takeout?

Sue-Ann: I would have a home-cooked meal over takeout any time. I feel like a home-cooked meal makes you feel more fulfilled.

Joahann: I prefer takeout because I have been to some restaurants, and their food is buzzing. I would go back to these places every other day.


9. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Sue-Ann: I’m sure I have had something strange, but nothing comes to mind.

Joahann: The strangest thing I have eaten is sushi.


10. If you could make any vegetable illegal, which would it be?

Joahann: Only one? This is not fair. Many vegetables need to be on this list, but since I can only choose one, I have celery at the top of the list.

Sue-Ann: That’s so true; I don’t like the taste of celery. I am the kind of person to bend my mind to something and have it if it is good for me but not celery.


11. Which three fruits would you use to describe your partner and why?

Sue-Ann: He’s a very fun person who appreciates Jamaican culture, especially dancehall. You could say he is very tropical, just like a mango. Next is soursop because he is hard on the outside, but when you get to know him, he’s really nice and soft and mushy on the inside. The last on the list is the Otaheite apple, which is very Jamaican, just like him.

Joahann: The first is lychee. When I was getting to know her, I went through a process. I had to go through the thin, rough skin before I could get to the inside and realised that she is a very beautiful person. Secondly, she is zesty like lemon or lime; she is not always sweet. Thirdly, she is down to earth and reminds me of a watermelon. A watermelon has a high volume of water, and I think of this as her earthy ‘vibe’.