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Wear your best face!

Published:Monday | August 1, 2016 | 6:09 PMRobert-Karim Besnier

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But ever so often, how many of us look in the mirror and are comfortable with the reflection of our body image, more specifically our face?

The answer is few of us. Truthfully, many of us have our own demons when it comes to self acceptance. With the growing popularity of plastic surgery and an ever-growing make-up industry, it should never be misconceived that beauty lies purely in the appearance of one's face. Beauty comes in many forms, races and ethnicities. Wearing your best face is purely about accepting yourself and taking care of your God-given face.

There are many convenient ways that one can take care of one's face, such as investing in a good face bar that has the ingredient topical salicylic acid; avoiding putting unclean hands in the face for any reason at all; cleansing the face and steaming the face every now and then will definitely help you to achieve your best face!

'Wearing your best face' does not advocate for a mask campaign but instead realising the many benefits to be enjoyed from taking proper care of your face. Facial treatment is one of those famed beauty treatments which activate inner beauty and truly make your whole being glow!


I recognised the need for proper facial care when I was only a teenager and it has benefited me immensely. You don't always have to get a full facial treatment done but frequent cleansing of the face - use of an astringent and regular extraction using a manual extractor to remove milia and comedones - will have your face looking up!

As functional human beings, we make a conscious effort to get our haircuts as men, women like to get their nails done and hair styled, so why wouldn't you get a facial?

Whether you're a Caribbean native or visiting the region, you can all relate to how scorching the sun can be on your face during these summer days. There is no shying away from the summer heat because it will surely find you and you will notice a change in your skin.

This hot temperature dehydrates your skin, and facials can dras-

tically correct a lack of moisture. This kind of weather is enjoyable for many but it causes the skin to become oilier and sometimes create breakouts.

Facials can help with these and many other skin ailments. Facials help to balance the pH in the face because there are excellent products that reduce the negative effects of free radicals and also promote healthy skin regeneration.


As with most other skincare and health matters, facials help prevent and treat common problems. Facials are important because they help to prevent imbalance in the integumentary system which the skin is a part of.

Some of the benefits are:

• Healthy skin formation;

• Proper hydration;

• Fewer breakouts;

• Firmer skin; and

• A glowing complexion.


How often you get a facial will primarily depend on your skin type and lifestyle. It is best to consult with an aesthetician to determine what facial is best for you.

The climate strongly influences your skin condition. For example, in summer it is more important for oily skin to get facials and apply a moisturiser with sun block after.

Facials are for everyone and prevent problems for everyone. Most conditions should improve with regular facials, unless it's a systemic problem. In such cases, you need to see a dermatologist.


Facials are usually relaxing and therapeutic, but there can be a few uncomfortable moments in the process. One seemingly unpleasant part - extractions! But don't worry; they'll be well worth it in the end.

The facial treatment usually involves the following being done to the face:

• Cleansing

• Toning

• Exfoliation

• Steaming

• Extraction

• Facial masque

• Massage

• Moisturising

A well-equipped aesthetician usually has a magnifying glass to identify impurities in the face. The skin is properly prepared and softened by facial steaming for successful extraction.

Premature extraction can cause skin scarring, and a good aesthetician will know that. Manual extraction can be painful and it's possible that redness sometimes follows a facial, especially a deep pore cleanse treatment.

However, this usually goes away in about a day.


The first step in making your facial last is getting your facial done by a properly trained and licensed aesthetician. If you are going to invest in a good-quality facial, make sure you get your money's worth. The line of products used will strongly impact your treatment outcome - a professional line is always best!

When you've done a facial, make sure you maintain the results: it's like going to your doctor and taking your prescription as recommended. You can't expect the results to last if you go home and do nothing at all. You have to use a cleanser and moisturiser for your skin type and ensure that the aftercare recommended by your aesthetician is done for your own benefit.

n Robert-Karim Besnier is a TVET educator, licensed

aesthetician, sports massage and body work practitioner, skills instructor and lecturer at the HEART College of Beauty Services. Email: