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Make inflammation your business!

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMSuzette Shaw Reid

According to Louise Haye, author of the book You Can Heal Your Life, "We are responsible for creating the disease(s) in our bodies and the first point of creation is stress."

From natural disasters to over-demanding bosses and household obligations, our world is filled with stressors. However, contrary to the belief that we are victims of diseases, there is one school of thought that says otherwise. The healthy state of our bodies is a choice that we can make.

The main culprit behind our pain stems from an overly acidic body. When our bodies become ill, we experience aches and pain often resulting in blockages in the body. The cause of this is toxins and they are everywhere. Simply put, a toxin is a harmful substance. They are usually of an acidic nature and the main sources of toxicity are foods, environmental factors and mental/spiritual toxicity.

Dr L. Danovan Whyte states in his book Perfect Health is Unquestionably Yours that "the most toxic agents to the body are the thoughts we entertain". When we entertain negative thoughts such as fear and doubt, we become depressed, tense, stressed out and anxious. Unfortunately, these reactions are acid-forming to the body and thus the consequences of cell death, tissue damage, and disease.




Acute inflammation is your body's natural and helpful immune response to tissue damage. When you fall off your bike, the cut swells, reddens and feels inflamed! These are all signs that your immune system is busy at work sending white blood cells to the site of your injury to repair the tissue. In this situation, inflammation is our friend, we couldn't live without it. On the other hand, chronic inflammation is your body's confused and damaging immune response to a barrage of environmental, physical and mental invaders, which come in the form of things like poor diet, toxic chemicals and stress.




Two ways to know if your body's inflammation levels are high is to measure the rate of your erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR), and C-reactive protein (CRP). These are carried out in blood tests and are commonly used to detect this increase in protein. In this way they are used as markers of inflammation.

ESR test results are measured in mm/hr or millimeters per hour and varies depending on your age and gender. For example, women under age 50 should have an ESR under 20 mm/hr; however, children who haven't reached puberty yet should have an ESR between three and 13mm/hr.

CRP testing is relatively new; however, research shows that elevated levels are linked to stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, arthritis, poor brain function, and even Alzheimer's.

If your CRP reading is greater than 3mg/L, this is an indication that you are at high risk for cardiovascular disease. A reading above 10mg/L may indicate a need for further testing to determine the cause of severe inflammation in your body.




It is of utmost importance to keep inflammation rates in our bodies within its range. Research has shown that chronic inflammation has been linked to autoimmune diseases, cancers, and infections. Example of cancers includes cancers of the lung, esophagus, cervix, and digestive tract, among others. A 2014 Harvard University study found that obese teenagers with high levels of inflammation had a 63 per cent increased risk of developing colorectal cancer during adulthood compared to their thinner peers. The inflammation may be due to obesity, a chronic infection, a chemical irritant, or chronic condition; all have been linked to a higher cancer risk.

According to Dr Mohamadzadeh from the Center for Inflammation and Mucosal Immunology, "When immune cells begin to produce inflammation, immune regulation becomes deteriorated and it creates an optimal environment for cancer cells to grow."




A huge part of our problem is that there are too many people counting calories and not enough people counting the dangerous chemicals in the foods we consume, or making any effort to reduce the stressors in our lives. When we appreciate that blockages in our bodies are indicators to get medical or naturopathic attention, we will reap the rewards of a healthy body.

Cleared energy blockages in our bodies will allow our cells to be continuously immersed with vibrant dynamic energy, which results in reduced inflammation rate. Knowing your inflammation rates and bringing them down if it's high, is one of the best things you can do for your health. Make inflammation your business.