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Preparing for a dental visit

Published:Wednesday | July 21, 2021 | 12:08 AMDesiree Duncan/Contributor

Unknowingly, our greatest desire beyond all our dreams and all our goals is to simply feel good. Everything that we want is because we think we will feel better by having it. We conquer our set goals and soon we create more goals to reach. There is no end to wanting more. Some people believe that we must first achieve the goal before we can actually feel good. It would be unbearable if this was true, because most of our life is spent journeying to our goals and only a short moment reaching them. Luckily, we have the mental capacity to feel good about anything or anybody we want, even the dentist, and we can do it right now.

We tend to prepare in advance the clothes we will wear, the words we will say and the things we will do. While a few people actually know the importance of practising the way we want to feel. Children know this secret as they practise unbridled excitement before, during and after the activity. They are filled with such joyful glee and an intentional imagination.

As encouraged by the great teacher Jesus, let us become like a child, and take back our imaginations. Instead of being reactive, let us become more proactive with our thoughts. To be proactive is to take action before rather than reacting to change when it happens. Rather than taking physical action, we do the work mentally.

In a child-like mind, the world is filled with endless possibilities and miraculous events are inevitable. It is said that Albert Einstein remarked, “The most important question to ask, ‘Is the universe a friendly place’? Your answer will determine your life.” Let us ask our own empowering questions. This week we will play the questions game.


Before any situation that you don’t usually enjoy or seeing someone that you usually don’t get along with. You can use this tip. It is best to be in a good mood when you decide to play this game.

Here’s how to practise for a dental visit:

1. In an imaginative tone, ask yourself mentally or out loud, what if this dental appointment goes very well?

After a pause, ask yourself, what would a good dental appointment feel like? (Not look like, but feel like.)

2. Use general descriptive words that evoke an emotion with you. Say it slowly and purposefully. With each word, aim to actually feel what the word feels like.

For example, “A good appointment would feel relaxing, it would feel fun, secure, successful. I would feel at ease, I would feel comfortable and proud of myself.”

3. Keep going until you actually feel good or better than before.

If you feel like you’re trying too hard, you should stop and try another time. It may feel unnatural or ridiculous at first but the outcome is you feeling good, which is always beneficial. Some people are so busy doing this and that, that they may think they don’t have time to practise feeling good. I hope the way you feel is important enough to you that you will create the time to try.

Source: Ester and Jerry Hicks: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The Teachings of Abraham.

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