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How to get back in shape after the holidays?

Treat yourself to a detox

Published:Wednesday | December 29, 2021 | 12:06 AMKeisha Hill/Senior Gleaner Writer

Too much pudding, ham, sorrel and alcohol over the Christmas period can make you feel bloated, overweight, and like you are no longer yourself. Sometimes it is like your whole body is screaming for you to stop! It is time to give it a little break after the end-of-year excess: treat yourself to a detox.

The benefits of a post-Christmas detox are many. Its objective is to purify your body and rid it of the waste that is accumulated there, to boost your energy levels and sense of well-being. Detoxing is not a way to shift excess weight. Rather, its focus is to make you feel better in your body. Whether you make it last a day, a week, or even more, here are some ideas for your detox after Christmas.


To start off, it is important and necessary to eliminate a few foods from your diet. This is the time to give up fatty dishes, and especially fried ones. Delicatessen, cheese, red meat, refined cereals, butter, and sugary products should be avoided during this period. Stopping, or at least reducing, your alcohol intake is also recommended to help your body rest and recover.


Remember that liquids during your post-Christmas detox are your friend, including herbal teas, antioxidant green tea, bouillons and especially water are all great for your body. A fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning is a good way to start the day. Some even advise having it hot, and if you want to be on trend, try a vegetable juice or birch water. They might not taste amazing but they are full of benefits. You can find them in some juice bars and organic shops.

To avoid cravings, eat foods that are packed with protein, such as egg white omelettes. Try to stay away from the yolks as they are too fatty. White rice is also a great way to fill yourself up and you can have it with vegetables. If you want to eat meat, the best option is white poultry without a sauce. One suggestion is to grill some chicken breasts in soy and ginger.

Feel free to snack on fruit and vegetables. Steamed vegetables seasoned with olive oil and a little lemon juice is a great dish. Natural yoghurt is your ally as it is rich in probiotics and helps your digestive system. If you are cursed with a sweet tooth, you can add a spoonful of honey.

Do not necessarily limit these good habits to the period after the holidays, they can do you good throughout the year. Do not forget that doing a bit of sport several times a week will dramatically increase the benefits of your post-Christmas detox.

Detoxing your body in the correct way requires dedication. Harmful toxins are found in food, drink and habits that we may take part in every day, so it is important we eliminate these from our lives. This can include alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats.

All of these things bring harmful toxins into our bodies, but if we eradicate them from our diet and lives, over time the toxins within our bodies will decrease.