Tue | Dec 5, 2023

Huawei WATCH series supports high blood sugar risk assessment

Published:Wednesday | May 17, 2023 | 12:29 AM
Huawei WATCH.
Huawei WATCH.

RICHARD YU, the chief executive officer at the Consumer BG at Huawei, has announced that “Huawei WATCH 4 series will be the first to support high blood sugar risk assessment research”. The Huawei WATCH 4 series will debut at Huawei’s new product launch event on May 18.

The watch manages high blood sugar risk assessment and can assess the types within a week, such as medium risk. “There may be short-term blood sugar fluctuations and excessive intake of high-sugar, high-oil and high-fat diets may increase the risk of high blood sugar. Users can also click the button to start a new round of evaluation.”

The flagship smartwatch of Huawei WATCH 4 series has been unveiled in Europe. The Huawei WATCH 4 Pro features a 48mm titanium case, a 1.5-inch LTPO AMOLED display covered with sapphire glass and weighs only 48 grams. In comparison, the Huawei WATCH 4 is slightly smaller with a 46mm stainless steel case. According to Yu, this product is not a medical device.

The measurement data and results are for reference only and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.

This function requires users to participate in blood sugar health research initiated by third-party professional medical institutions, and is not suitable for users under 18 years of age, type I diabetes patients, gestational diabetes patients, and other special types of diabetes patients.

In addition to the Huawei Watch 4, The HUAWEI Watch D comes with various health measurement features, including blood pressure monitoring, and ECG analysis. It has a seven-day battery life and is an affordable way to track your health and fitness activities.

The HUAWEI Watch D smartwatch is a medical-grade blood measure monitoring device with ECG. It can track blood oxygen, various sports activities, heart rate, and even sleep. It’s precise and accurate and can last up to seven days on a single charge. The Watch D can be connected with iPhones and Android smartphones, and it has smartwatch features that enable users to sync notifications, change the watch face, and track sports activities. Regarding workouts, the smartwatch supports more than 70 modes, allowing you to track anything, from running to hiking and swimming.

Like some Samsung Galaxy watches, Huawei’s new Watch D can measure blood pressure. Like the latest Apple Watch, it can generate a simple ECG. The Watch D, however, needs no calibration with an external cuff – it has one built in, and its health app can also connect with Android and iOS smartphones.