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Marley One mushrooms a boost for medical tourism in Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | October 18, 2023 | 12:07 AM

MARLEY ONE, described as the first global functional and psychedelic mushroom consumer brand, is producing mushroom products in Jamaica for distribution throughout the Caribbean, North America and the United Kingdom.

Marley One product line includes five mushroom products with unique blends, each designed to achieve specific outcomes, such as improving focus and cognitive function; enhancing physical endurance and mental function; stimulating gut health and improve digestion; supporting immune health, and helping to reduce tension and stress and improve quality of sleep.

The products are flavoured with coffee, peppermint, mango, berry and vanilla.

Special Projects Manager at Silo Wellness, Elvira Guzman-Barnett, said functional mushrooms were a $46-billion industry in 2020, and that number is growing annually.

“While you are not going to get high taking any of the supplements, you will potentially be able to get some health benefits from taking them. Think of it sort of like a multi-vitamin, in that it is something you would take every day, but over time you will start to potentially see positive improvements to your health from taking them,” Guzman-Barnett said.

Silo Wellness, in March 2021, signed a multi-year agreement with the family of the late reggae superstar Bob Marley for the exclusive worldwide rights to brand, market and sell a distinct product line of mushrooms.

The Marley family has pursued diversified business lines, including musical accessories, coffee and ganja enterprises, seeking to leverage the name of their father, who is considered, still, the most popular exponent of reggae.

In August 2021, Silo Wellness signed a US$3-million national distribution agreement with Texas-based distribution and advertising company One Light Enterprises LLC for the Silo Wellness portfolio of Marley One-branded mushroom products across 47 US states.

Mushrooms, which have an ancient history of use as traditional medicine, are one of the latest superfoods used as supplements added to food, beverages, or taken directly through capsules or extracts. Silo Wellness is tapping psychedelic mushroom varieties, which have a mind-altering chemical compound known as psilocybin.

“I would say it is the number one way to help people with their traumas. So that way, they can live a great happy life. Over 4.8 million people a year go to Jamaica for tourism, and a large portion of them go because they heard of the magic plant, cannabis. A lot of people go to Jamaica for medical tourism, even though they don’t know it, and they don’t recognise it,” Guzman-Barnett said.

Guzman-Barnett said they believe in the tremendous healing power that has been known to indigenous cultures for centuries and has recently been further understood and validated through scientific research.

The products, she said, are of the highest quality and will not only benefit us as individuals, but also lead to a greater global connectedness. According to Guzman, we live in a time when wellness of body and mind and care of spirit are of paramount importance and value to lead fulfilling lives. Through Marley One, the hope is to further the idea that within the circle of life, nature is central to helping us all become one.

“The more positive representation that Jamaica can have abroad, the better for Jamaica because more people are going to want to come to Jamaica and say, this is a country they want to visit not just because of the Marley One product or the cannabis, but because they want to learn about plant medicine, and network with other people who want to help medical tourism in Jamaica,” Guzman-Barnett said.

The initial Marley One lineup includes five different tinctures, each with a unique health benefit:

• One Mind: A coffee-flavoured blend of lion’s mane and gingko biloba designed to improve focus and cognitive function.

• One Flow: A peppermint-flavoured blend of cordyceps and ginseng designed to enhance physical endurance and mental function.

• One Harmony: A mango-flavoured blend of chaga and ginger designed to stimulate gut health and improve digestion.

• One Body: A berry-flavoured blend of turkey tail and astragalus designed to support immune health.

• One Rest: A vanilla-flavoured blend of reishi and GABA designed to help reduce tension and stress and improve quality of sleep.