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Ebola facts

Published:Tuesday | October 21, 2014 | 3:12 PM

The Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention

has tightened its guidelines for health-care workers treating Ebola patients. The new guidelines include:

n No skin must be exposed while treating patients. In addition to personal protective gear, health-care workers must wear coveralls and single-use, disposable hoods. Surgical hoods must ensure complete coverage of the head and neck.

n Goggles

are no longer recommended as they may

not provide complete skin coverage in comparison to

a single-use, disposable full-face shield.

n Additionally, goggles are not disposable, may fog after extended use, and health-care workers may be tempted to manipulate them with contaminated gloved hands. They must also use respirators - either N95 respirators or powered air-purifying respirators.

n Other recommendations include double gloves, boot covers that are waterproof and are at least mid-calf or leg covers, waterproof apron that covers torso to mid-calf and covers top of boots, and single-use fluid resistant or impermeable gown that extends to at least mid-calf.