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MOVING UP - Jamaicans hope for brighter 2015

Published:Friday | December 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Jewel Blackwood
Trishanna Archer

Jamaicans outlining their wishes for the New Year have shunned the desire for cars, more money and other material things in favour of a continued reduction in the crime rate and other social ills.

Trishanna Archer, who hails from Manchester, told The Gleaner it was imperative that better opportunities be created for persons to achieve their full potential.

"It is my hope to see us having better access to health care and our disabled community offered more opportunities to provide for themselves. Most importantly, I would be grateful to see a paradigm shift in some of our negative norms such as the 'informa fi dead' culture," Archer said. "We must begin to set new objectives and priorities for the upcoming period and commit ourselves to implementing them."

She continued: "For the year 2014, we faced many challenges as a nation, and as we look to the year ahead, I wish for each Jamaican to become more involved in volunteerism and to play our part continually, in Jamaica's advancement."

Alister Carvalho, a young doctor at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, St James, said his dream is to see Jamaica advance in all areas.

"My hopes for Jamaica include a reduction in crime and violence, making Jamaica a more peaceful country; stabilisation in the economy and more jobs created," he said. "Also, more money to be put in health care, especially preventative care to reduce communicable and non-communicable diseases; and more outreach programmes targeting young adults with STIs (sexually transmitted infections)."

Latoya Samuels, a 30-year-old secretary from Trelawny, echoed similar sentiments, adding that persons need to look beyond material gain.

"What I want to happen in 2015 is to see
everyone living in peace and harmony with each other, and to welcome the
season for giving with open arms," Samuels said. "I hope that, as
citizens, we can get back to the days when we used to care more about
each other and less about material things."

She added:
"Growing up, we are caught in a web of making money, but as time
passes, one realises that it is not all about the money, but being happy
with yourself and others. I really hope people will realise that,
sooner rather than later."

Other people shared
personal plans.

Jewel Blackwood, from Manchester, is
hoping she will be able to change her mindset as she takes on the new
year's challenges.

"My plan is to have a positive
outlook on life, even in the midst of struggle. The fact that the mind
is a powerful thing and that there is power in thoughts and spoken words
has been emphasised over and over. As a result, my friends and
colleagues will hear me use phrases such as 'I am multi-talented,
supersmart and affluent', 'It can be done' or 'With God as my Father
anything is possible'," she said.

"I also plan to
strengthen my faith in God. One of the ways I will accomplish this is by
improving my willingness to give, even when it seems I have nothing to
give. It warms my heart to know that I can make someone else smile," she

She added: "My flagship initiative remains
to organise communities while creating positive impacts in individual
lives and I shall do my utmost to achieve its implementation as, in my
own way, I must become the change I wish to see. Finally, I wish for
everyone a very happy, peaceful, healthy and successful

Dwight Johnson, from St James, also shared a
few personal goals he would like to achieve, adding that his faith in
God will be at the forefront of his agenda.

"For 2015,
I hope to start building my house, be promoted in my job, and buy a
car," said the sales agent, who resides in Chatham.

also want to get closer to God and ensure that I keep the relationship
as my first priority. My desire is to strengthen my faith, keep Him
close to me."