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Holness, give us concrete solutions - analysts

Published:Wednesday | March 18, 2015 | 4:10 PM
Dr Paul Ashley
Kevin Obrien Chang

TWO POLITICAL analysts appear to be reading from the same script in their exhortation to Opposition leader Andrew Holness as he enters the crease in Gordon House today to deliver another presentation in the Budget Debate.

If the Opposition leader had crafted a presentation riddled with criticisms only of the Government, Kevin O' Brien Chang and Dr Paul Ashley, political analysts/commentators, are suggesting that he should rework his speech by inserting concrete proposals on a number of critical issues.

Chang indicated that when Holness makes his contribution to the Budget Debate he should be armed with solutions and not just a dissenting voice. "I am tired of the criticism. What will you do differently?" Chang stressed, as if he was questioning the Opposition leader.

lacking growth

According to Chang, there has been much talk about the lack of growth in the economy and suggestions about divesting the National Solid Waste Management Authority. "Don't just tell me about divesting - that's loose talk. The time for loose talk is finished. Mr Holness, if you are serious, give us some concrete things that the JLP will do differently. If you can't do differently, why should we swap black dog for monkey?"

In his remarks, Dr Ashley said he would want Holness to emphasise any difference in plans that the JLP has considered for dealing with crime, poverty, energy and productivity.

"The JLP has given criticism and has highlighted what exists, but somehow, the public is left wondering what better they have to offer. What is the alternate government seeking to do if, in the event, we should entrust them with State power?" Dr Ashley questioned.

He argued that with general elections due in 2016, the Opposition leader should not wait until the appointed time to announce plans for the country. "The plans must be considered, announced and even if the PNP wants to adopt them it is good for the country," he added.