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Reid, Clarke acknowledged by Senate

Published:Friday | March 27, 2015 | 3:55 PMDaraine Luton

Dr Nigel Clarke and Ruel Reid were hailed yesterday by Justice Minister Mark Golding for their contribution to the Senate during their brief term of appointment.

Both Clarke and Reid were forced to leave the Senate in February after the court ruled that the men they replaced - Dr Christopher Tufton and Arthur Williams - had been unlawfully removed. They were sworn in in November 2013.

While welcoming back Tufton and Williams to the Senate, Golding said Reid and Clarke were generally exemplary in their conduct in this chamber.

"It is recognised widely that Dr Nigel Clarke made some very well-prepared and insightful contributions in his time here," Golding said.

"As for Mr Reid, what I would like to say now is that what I miss most of all is the doubtless, resonant tone with which he so regularly delivered our rather tongue-twisting senatorial prayer with aplomb," he added.

failure to follow constitution

Court of Appeal President Justice Seymour Panton, in his judgment on the Senate case between Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and Williams, said that had the Constitution been followed, the purported appointments of Reid and Clarke would not have occurred.

"They would have been spared any inconvenience they may have suffered as a result of their appointments. They may, however, view the situation as one that provided an unexpected moment of honour in their lives in service to the nation," Panton said.