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How do you feel about Obama's visit?

Published:Thursday | April 9, 2015 | 5:45 PM

How do you feel about Obama's visit?

Marlon Jefferson

I'm excited about his visit as it stands to fortify bonds that exist and also possibly make new ones.

Danese Barnett

It's good to know that POTUS (the president of the United States) was able to visit and experience the beautiful island of Jamaica. In terms of how Jamaica will benefit from this visit, it is a bit unclear.

Marie Gold McFarlane

Obama's visit is viewed by me as nothing meaningful.

Patrick 'Dapperado' Cooper

This visit is a waste of time.

Chamell Lawes

It can only mean a lot of positives for Jamaica in terms of tourism, economic growth, the IMF and so forth. It's a good thing overall.

Patricia McDonald

I think it's a wonderful thing and I would like to meet him. I wouldn't mind getting to touch him.

Conroy Grindley Jr

His visit was good. He spoke about issues relating to energy and youth which were tremendous.

Sashekia Brown

Obama's visit is neither here or there to me. But for me, this visit highlights the prime minister's lack of respect for the Jamaican people.

Monique Blair

Obama is here. How is it out of thin air the Government gets money to do things such as fixing roads when the Jamaican people have been crying out for roads for years?

Kathleen Hinds

I feel honoured. It's a great pleasure. I'm elated and overjoyed. I feel good to know that the president of the United States come to walk on Jamaican - my - soil. The only regret I have is that the visit is so short.

Allison Stewart

Thank you, Mr Obama, for making us Jamaicans feel proud. I feel honoured and blessed to have witnessed such a momentous occasion, bless your heart for loving Jamaica and wanting to visit. One love, Mr President.

Junior Ranking

It's a great thing for him to come here. Look at big, big US and likkle Jamaica and the most powerful man choose to come here. I just hope good things come out of this visit that will benefit the country positively.