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Bigwoods gets a new bridge

Published:Friday | April 17, 2015 | 4:39 PM
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer The actions of Scean Barnswell (right), mayor of May Pen, and Richard Azan, a junior minister, in the Spaldings Market saga have turned the spotlight on the Simpson Miller administration.

A $10.1-million box culvert bridge, constructed in the community of Bigwoods in south-west St Elizabeth, was officially opened yesterday by State Minister for Transport, Works and Housing Richard Azan.

The structure, which connects Bigwoods to several other communities, is expected to ease the travel woes of residents, most of whom are farmers. The work was undertaken as part of the Government's Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Azan said the money expended was well spent. He said that the construction of the bridge was given "priority attention" as it reconnects residents of several communities who were forced to travel long distances when a section of the roadway was badly damaged by flood waters.

"(Now) pedestrians can go across, motorists can go across ... and when you have rain ... children can go to school," he said.

Noting that the project was completed on time and within budget, Azan implored members of the communities to protect the structure.

"I am going to ask the citizens to understand that we must play our part. I don't want us to come back next week or two weeks' time to see people driving past here and just throwing garbage over here," he said.